Eyelash Sweater + Flatforms.

Sweater and jeans, sweater and jeans, rinse and repeat. You gotta stay warm, but man if that doesn't get a little boring....more

Plaid Car Coat + Monk Straps.

It's that lovely time of year when you need a jacket, but full-blown parkas are too much....more

Cheetah Print, Boom.

Fall weekends are made for going casual, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort....more

Pair your flats with your top!

Uh, Miss Sex and the City Shoes?

I was on the bus this morning and decided to get off and get on the train.   I went on the train and this is what I saw…. How can you all wear this shoe when I can see your toes and the top of the opening? How does it stay on your foot? ...more


Bold color one week, a muted palette the next. Doesn’t mean there aren’t a few standout pieces in this outfit: namely the striped pencil skirt and a pair of mirrored flats. I love ‘em: pointed, loafer-esque across the toe, but with some sass in the form of a mirrored finish.Finished the look with an easy gray v-neck, chevron necklace, and a pop of color via a Tang-colored bracelet. Simple but effective M-F work attire....more

Splurge vs. Steal: Tassel Flats

I've got to give it to the fashion gods... Thank you for bringing back the good-ole 60's "Flat." While I don't own a huge collection of flats, I do recognize that my feet need a vacation from heels every now and then. Plus, what's a fashion blogger to wear while traveling, other than the staple pair of perfectly fitted skinnies and flats? Now, let's add tassels to the mix, and I'm SOLD. ...more

Clever, Comfy & Cute! Folding Flats for Funky Feet

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot more time walking around outside in the Summer than any other season. I'm far more likely to go to dinner or for drinks downtown (where I know I'll be walking a few blocks from where I park) when the sky is clear and my wool coat is a distant memory. But summer dresses mean a lot of strappy sandals, funky wedges, and killer heels. And those don't always go well with that whole walking thing, you know?...more

In the Nude

Lately I've been breaking out all my floral prints and bright colors for the season and it's made me realize how badly I need more neutral options in the shoe department. I tend to lean towards a quieter shoe when sporting busier wardrobe favorites (like this one), and I find it completely worth while to spend a little more on the closet basic....more

Putting it All Together: Learn from My Shoe Mistake

I'm a flats girl; I only rarely wear heels. I like the idea of heels, especially really high heels, the kind that make your legs look eleven miles long, but in my everyday life, there's too much running around and hauling of laundry and tossing of baseballs to make a nice pair of stilettos a viable option. Most days, I opt for ballet flats, because they're easy to wear and they go with my skinny-jeans-and-a-tee uniform and I can haul $200 worth of groceries in from my car without missing a beat....more
I just gave a pair of platforms to Goodwill yesterday. They were gorgeous but impossible to walk ...more