Two Creative, and Healthy, Ways To Hydrate This Summer

It has hot as the blazes outside today. A steamy, humid 90 degrees.  Hydration is in order.I am first to admit that I do not love to drink plain water and I am not very consistent with it if it is sitting all lonely in a bottle or glass.  It is why I usually add in cucumbers, mint, basil, lemons, limes. You name it, I have added it to water....more

New Year's Resolution: Drink More Water

If you're like me, and are trying to incorporate more water into your daily life, then you may appreciate my water tip of the day: Add 3 slices cucumber, 3 slices lemon, a few sprigs of fresh mint to a 20 oz mug of cold water. Makes you feel like you're at a spa and it's delicious to boot! According to my ND, the incredible increase in bio breaks should decrease after about 3-4 weeks. I'm 10 days in, and that hasn't happened yet, so I'm still sheepishly leaving meetings constantly. ...more
You know, I've never thought about putting cucumber in my water...but now that you mention it, ...more

Hydrate with your OWN flavored water!

I understand that you are sometimes on the go, and grab a pre-made flavored water from a grocery/convenience store, but despite the labeling as “all natural” there is a good chance there are things in your water that you wouldn’t expect. So, why not filter your own and make it tasty with ingredients of your own choosing? I do it all the time and it is a little burst of excitement on my palate that makes me stoked to drink my daily two liters, which can get boring when all you drink is plain water!...more