Yoga: Stabilize on Inhales, Flexibilize on Exhales

Yes, I just totally made up a word that I have no real plans of using!  However, within any yoga pose, there is a continuous cycle of grounding (stability) and exploring depth (flexibility). With each inhale, check in and make sure that you feel grounded, stable and aware from your feet all the way up your body. You want to feel that your breath can move through your body unhindered....more

What Women Really Want from Work

What do women really want from work? So much talk about women rising to the C-level ranks and work-life balance for working mothers that sometimes the real core of the matter gets lost in terms of what all women want. In this post, Katie Kelley takes a look at the recent reports "She’s (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times" and New York Magazine’s, “Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms” and adds her own spin to the conversation. ...more

Gratitude Monday: What Would You Love to Be Acknowledged For?

What Would You Love to Be Acknowledged For?My introduction into these 'questions of the day' came from participating in workshops that were created by the amazing Matthew and Terces Engelhart, Founders of Cafe Gratitude....more

What Makes a Company Great to Work For?

I was lusting after some companies on the Outside Magazine 50 Best Companies to Work for list the other day and it gave me many flashbacks to my time in corporate pondering - what makes it great to work here (wherever "here" may be for you)? ...more
I absolutely LOVE the company I work for. The administration is supportive and really seems to ...more

Degrees of Flexibility

"I" Band in action

dance practice...more

What Have I Learned about Managing My Career?

I never mind making mistakes as long as I learn from them. My most recent mistake was staying in my old role about six months too long....more

In The Face of Uncertainty

Stay True.The start of the new decade has not brought the uplifting promise I thought it would. Tragedies in the world, continuing health care challenges and economic uncertainty all seem to bring happiness to a halt. Happiness is well, that is another subject. This is business....more

Negotiating flexibility at work: notes from the experts

I thought it would be helpful to report back on a work life balance panel I attended yesterday for all of you out there who might be considering requesting a flexible work arrangement in the New Year. Or, perhaps there are those of you who, like me, were content before to work part time or as consultants but who are now thinking, “crap, I really wish I had a full time real job.” However, it’s a challenge to give up the flexibility that comes with working on your own schedule.  Perhaps, in this tight new economy, you don’t have to. Would you negotiate on other ...more

Morra - Thanks so much for posting your ...more

Finding your dream (part-time) job