What Have I Learned about Managing My Career?

I never mind making mistakes as long as I learn from them. My most recent mistake was staying in my old role about six months too long....more

In The Face of Uncertainty

Stay True.The start of the new decade has not brought the uplifting promise I thought it would. Tragedies in the world, continuing health care challenges and economic uncertainty all seem to bring happiness to a halt. Happiness is well, that is another subject. This is business....more

Negotiating flexibility at work: notes from the experts

I thought it would be helpful to report back on a work life balance panel I attended yesterday for all of you out there who might be considering requesting a flexible work arrangement in the New Year. Or, perhaps there are those of you who, like me, were content before to work part time or as consultants but who are now thinking, “crap, I really wish I had a full time real job.” However, it’s a challenge to give up the flexibility that comes with working on your own schedule.  Perhaps, in this tight new economy, you don’t have to. Would you negotiate on other ...more

Morra - Thanks so much for posting your ...more

Finding your dream (part-time) job


Get To Stretching!

The importance of cardiovascular exercise had been researched and proven to be necessary for a healthy heart, right?  Whether we walk, run, kickbox, or do aerobics, we aim to sweat and get that heart rate elevated.  But often, the most dedicated cardio king or queen can be seriously lacking flexibility.  This lack of flexibility can cause some very alarming issues.   I’ve seen young runners, in their early twenty’s, no ...more

What Will 2008 Hold for Our Work-Lives?

With a new year around the corner, we wonder what awaits on the career front. The Wall Street Journal's Sue Shellenbarger recently offered a glimpse of the work-life trends she's anticipating for next year. Some of what she writes is in keeping with trends my sources have mentioned throughout 2007. Continue reading "What Will 2008 Hold for Our Work-Lives?" » ...more