How to Negotiate for Flextime (Video)

Negotiating for a flexible time arrangement can make or break the sanity scales as a working women, especially if you're a mother. Yet, you know why flextime would be a plus, but you have to sell the idea to your organization. Here's a video excerpt that can support you in doing just that. ...more

From One Mom To Another: Non Traditional Tips For Finding Your Next Opportunity

  I was asked recently by a local Dallas Moms Web site, started by a former coworker and Mompreneur, to share some tips on the challenge of finding a new opportunity or returning to work after a hiatus. Really got me thinking. Here’s what I had to say to the members of Moms Out Loud: ...more

The Perfect Storm: Business is Booming for Talent Aggregators Despite a Struggling Job Market

“My colleagues that recruit professionals for contract gigs are all telling me that business is booming,” says Jessica Riester of Flexwork Connection. Her company recruits consultants and provides professional staffing services for high-end finance and accounting roles. “And I have to agree.” ...more

How I OnRamped My Way with Etcetera

Boston-area based Colleen Peterson’s Etcetera Holiday Show kicks-off on Sept 25 and ends of Oct 7th. If women want to book an appointment all they need to do is send a note to or call 972-733-6503.  For women interested in exploring career opportunities with Etcetera please contact Director of Recruiting, Edie Dance at 850-484-8120 or Colleen, how did you join ETCETERA? ...more

Flexible Work, Equal Pay and Sarah Palin

Last Friday I had the honor of speaking to a sold crowd at the Santa Clara County Commssion on the Status of Women. Eighty-eight years after women secured the right to vote and forty-five years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act our panel explored Equal Pay, change in government and women in the White House. LaDoris Cordell, former Superior Court Judge and Vice Provost, Stanford, moderated the group and kept the discussion lively...I think she has potential on Saturday Night Live! Irma Herrera, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, shared the ...more

Let's Get Our Workforce Out of the 1950s

Is a computer worth more to a company than a female executive who makes six figures and has loads of client relationships? It might be, according to a New York Times article on Sylvia Ann Hewlett's recent book, "Off-Ramps and On-Ramps," about women re-entering the workforce after time off to care for children, parents or other reasons. ...more

If You Think Your Commute's Getting Worse, You're Right

Travelers in all U.S. metro areas are wasting more time than ever in traffic--and more gas, according to the 2007 Urban Mobility Report. Released Tuesday, the report says traffic congestion is draining $78 billion from the economy every year, including "4.2 billion lost hours and 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel—that's 105 million weeks of vacation and 58 fully-loaded supertankers." How can we make things better? ...more

Who Owns Your Time--You, Or Your Boss?

Cam Marston thinks American workers are changing their minds. Older generations have worked as though employers own their time--but the up-and-coming workers believe they're the keepers of their time, said Marston, a consultant specializing in multigenerational communications. "The baby boomers' and Matures' attitude was: The company owns my time, and I move for them as they need me," he said. "Gen Xers and Yers say, 'I own my time, and I give you what you need based on the job that needs to be done." ...more

I'm On the New Mommy Track!!!

US News and World Report did a cover story on me!!! Ok, well not me specifically, but on moms like me. This week's US News and World Report cover story "The New Mommy Track" is about how some women are avoiding the "opt out" phenomenon by negotiating flexible work schedules and non-traditional career tracks. I'm so thrilled to see other women finding ways to blend work and family in ways that work for them. ...more