Surprise! Your Instagram Photos are Being Used for Marketing

Another day, another story in the Wall Street Journal of how the photos we post to our social media accounts are being used without our knowledge.  That picture of your first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte of the season, your kid eating Pringles, that Diet Coke can in your hand at the neighbourhood picnic: they're all being rounded up by companies such as Ditto Labs and used to know more about you so companies can best target ads or conduct research. ...more
MelissaOnline vdebolt Well, I don't use Instagram. Another wise choice on my part.more

What I Learned Today

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to insert pictures into a Blogher post - whelp, I think I have it down!Learning the process involved finding a tutorial, setting up a Flickr account and finding free art (thanks, Kozzi!).If a photo of a "happy Black woman face" appears in this post, then I've got it. If not ...more

Images have IMPACT


4,000 Photos Accidentally Deleted: Is Your Flickr Account Safe?

Imagine you are a photographer. You backup your photos via flickr so you can also easily share them on your blog. Now imagine you find someone stealing your work! You report the offending flickr account as you are told to do. You imagine it will be taken care of. Now imagine you attempt to login the next day and find that they deleted your account instead. Sadly, that's what happened to one photoblogger. ...more

In our digital age we easily assume that all things can be replicated and replaced. I've only ...more

12 Amazing Social Media Statistics

 By Alyse Speyer Social media is about conversation and always has been. Here are twelve jaw-dropping statistics that may help you plan your next social media campaign....more Wants to Feature Your Face

In our current world of arty photo angles and red-hot Twitter avatars, it's increasingly difficult to find images of real women looking ... real. Maybe it's our Photoshop-happy media culture. Maybe it's our fear of showing what we view as our flaws. Maybe it's that we, as women -- wives, partners, mothers, friends, photographers -- are so often behind the camera instead of in front of it. But for us, as we attempt to illustrate the raw and gripping posts of our Own Your Beauty initiative, it's ... frustrating. Where are all the photos of real women? ...more

I just spent some time looking through the Flickr group. So many beautiful pictures.

I'm ...more

(VIDEO) BlogHer's Sarah Granger: How Politicians Are Using Social Media

BlogHer's Interim Political Director, Sarah Granger, talked to CBS about how politicians are using social media in this election: ...more

Sarah, you did a great job! The interviewer, however, would be served well by not acting like ...more

How to Share Your BlogHer 10 Photos and Videos

Add Your Photos to BlogHer 10 Slideshows You might have seen some of our slideshows from BlogHer Conferences past and we have plans to create a whole bunch of slideshows for BlogHer 10. We'll have one big slideshow, a slideshow of party attendees, sessions, speakers, expo hall exhibits and more. Here's how you can add your photos to the BlogHer 10 Slideshows: ...more

The point on licensing is very important. If you don't change your license, we can't add it. So ...more

Get the Most Out of Flickr

Flickr is a popular website for various forms of photo-sharing, storage and inspiration. Some people assume that it is merely a place to store and share photos online. Trust me, as a long-time Flickr "lovr," I can tell you that it's so much more. ...more

I've used it for all of the reasons you've said. Upgrading to a pro account was one fo the best ...more

Handmade Flower Creations Flickr Pool Favourite

Today's favourite selected from the Handmade Flower Creations group pool on Flickr - Small things Iced - a talented cake artist from the UK. Click here to read more.... ...more