Celebrating National Women's History Month

March 1 marks the start of National Women's History Month, and AAUW has strong ties to this annual celebration of women history makers. AAUW is an established historic organization that has helped — and continues to help — women make history.With that in mind, AAUW is excited to partner with the National Women's History Project in its 30th anniversary year, which has the theme "Writing Women Back into History." There will be many ways for AAUW members and supporters to get involved this year, and AAUW's Women's History Month celebrations will include the following: A Flickr stream of photos If you have photos of a Women's History Month event to share, please upload them to AAUW's Flickr stream by e-mailing the photos to mess90zap [at] photos.flickr.com*. Please be sure to include a short caption for each photo in the subject line or in the text of your e-mail message and indicate that the photos are for National Women’s History Month. Women's History Month-related photos will be available for viewing directly on the Flickr account. A YouTube video campaign AAUW staff members will be filming short videos about women they are honoring during Women's History Month that will be uploaded to AAUW's YouTube channel. If you would like to share a Women's History Month-related video that you’ve made, just upload it to your own account and send in the link via e-mail. We will collect videos from AAUW branches and members and online supporters and share them through the blog and/or Facebook. ...more

Style Challenge: Are You a Creature of Habit, or a Wardrobe Remixer?

I'm doing this crazy project this year where I photograph what I'm wearing every single day. I've missed a few days, but two months into 2010, I have a pretty good idea of what my look is. ...more

Truthfully I'm comfortable in my daily uniform - cotton knit pants and cotton knit top - ...more

Web Success Team- I Heard it Through the Internet Grapevine

nternet marketing gossip is exploding  — and the line between fact and fiction is blurring. If gossiping is a crime, then every blogger and Internet savvy professional needs to be incarcerated for this misdemeanor. What was once an indulgence is becoming a dependency as more and more individuals are turning to various social media outlets to extract their daily dose of breaking news and scandal. ...more

Managing Your Social Media Afterlife

You never go far without access to your Twitter stream. Facebook is like a second religion to you. Your blog is essentially your baby. Whether you're online for business building, furthering your career, or personal endeavors, social media is a core activity in your daily life. For many it's even more entwined with their days than showering or brushing their teeth. So... what happens to your online life when you die? ...more

After my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all to grapple with a mess of ...more

BlogHer '09 recap coming soon

@cinnachick, @PoppyBuxom, & @ChronicBabe are awesomeOriginally uploaded by jasmined ...more

It was a huge huge pleasure to hug you. :-)

BlogHer Community Manager


BlogHer 09 via Photos and Tweets

Yesterday, Erin blogged about how to use BlogHer's Magnify video stream and tags to share and follow the events at BlogHer 09. Today it's my turn to talk about how we'll be using Flickr and Twitter to share the BlogHer 09 excitement We're going to have a great time at BlogHer09, learn a lot, and meet awesome people but let's think about those following from home. They need us to Tweet smartly, using #blogher09 when we tweet about the event. ...more

 Found the blogher stream and will be watching whatever hashtags and hamburger hats are. ...more

Using Photos to Build Content

One of the essential tenets of blogging is bringing value to your readers. Sure, you're witty and intelligent--it shows in your writing--but sometimes you want (and need) to take it up a notch. How can you add value and interest to your posts? Use podcasts, photos, and videos to enhance what you already have. In this three-part series, I'll cover how each of these can help you build the content of your blog and offer even more value to your readers. Last week I tackled podcasting, this week I'm discussing how pictures can add something special to your content. Next week we'll finish up by discussing how to create and use video on your blog. ...more

Very helpful. :) more

In Her Own Image - THE BOOK - It's here!!

A few months ago I blogged my participation in a wonderful new book by the Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group...well, the book is finally here and available for purchase! ...more

Photo Blogging: in the Moment, on the Move

I am that person who takes pictures of my dinner in restaurants, of my feet standing on a subway platform, of signs and strange things sitting by the side of the road. A side effect of my photography addiction and refusal to leave the house without a camera is a heightened appreciation for whatever quirky weirdness or random beauty I encounter in the day-to-day. And now, thanks to a cell phone, I can share these images online immediately if I feel like it. ...more

 I haven't tried the mobloging, mostly because my cell phone is so old, the pics are hardly ...more

Stash Busting: The 2009 Challenge, Month Two

Last month I introduced the idea that 2009 would be the year of The Stash Busting Challenge. One idea or challenge each month throughout 2009 to get our work spaces and our wallets under control.  ...more

i found this very interesting.  What a great way to pass it on and finish or get rid of ...more