Internets, you never fail to surprise

I’ll admit to being a total noob at the Flickr — it’s world’s more fun and useful than Picasa, and a lot of the photography is inspiring enough to send me skulking back to Photoshop, where I can totally dick the day away fine-tune my own work. ...more

I mean, does she troll Flickr all day in search of feminine hygene products?

This was ...more

The experiment

How is it going to affect you the realisation that your partner spends a lot of time on flickr, posing as a couple of lesbians and persistently building a network of profiles listing nude women pictures?  ...more

Flickr: Now With Video!

Just in time for the Olympic protests, Yahoo’s Flickr is strapping on a new video lens. A site that has become a standard share space for personal photos will now include subscriber videos too. "We want to be the eyes of the world - that's what's tattooed on our hearts. There's no reason why that shouldn't include video." -- Kakul Srivastava, general manager of Flickr ...more

100 Strangers Project

If you're a would-be photojournalist looking for a challenge, check out 100 Strangers Project, a Flickr group designed to push you out onto the street where fantastic real life portraits await. 100 Strangers isn't looking for the kind of duck and cover candid shots made possible by the telephoto lens. No, we're talking walking up to people you've never met, striking up a conversation and asking for permission to do an on-the-spot photo shoot. Sound scary? ...more

Now that spring is here I think this would be a great dual purpose project. It would get me out ...more

Flickr Keeps Getting Better

Flickr users with a pro account have some great new features available. A pro account is only $25 a year, and a lot of amateur photographers like myself are "pros" on Flickr. Flickr is now integrated with Picnik. And Flickr now has stats. I first wrote about Picnik in Edit Photos Online for Free with Picnik. It's a powerful editing tool that you can get to directly from your Flickr account. When you're looking at an individual photo of your own, simply click the Edit Photo icon above the photo. ...more

I found out about the Library of Congress part the day after I'd posted this, which is why it's ...more

Flickr and Picnik Team Up

A while back I wrote a post about using Picnik to edit photos online. I mentioned that photos stored on Flickr could be edited at the Picnik site. Now Flickr and Picnik have teamed up so that you can edit with Picnik while working with your photos at Flickr. Here's the Flickr announcement. ...more

You're One in (Two) Billion, Baby

A photograph is not an accident – it is a concept. --Ansel Adams My tombstone will read thus: Here Lies ClizBiz: A Good Egg Though She Never Did Finish Uploading I’ve become Flickr’s bitch, basically. With nagging emails from friends asking, “When will all the photos from the wedding/party/camping trip be uploaded?” it’s become more chore than delight. Honestly, I try to keep up with documenting the latest assigned social event while remembering to entertain myself – which is Rule Number One. ...more

NaNoWriMo? No. NoBloShoeMo? NOW you're talking.

Earlier today, BlogHer Contributing Editor Sassymonkey reminded us that November brings the return of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I tried NaNoWriMo once, only to learn definitively that I do NOT have a novel in me; last year, I opted for NaBloPoMo, because I reasoned that I could always post photos of my shoes on my blog when I ran out of actual content. Next thing I knew, we had a whole Flickr pool of shoes, and NoBloShoeMo was born. ...more

I have a sickness now...and it all started with a dinner in July, where I fell in love with a ...more

Show Off That Work: Three Great Artist Sites Make it Easy

If you've been searching for a quick easy way to get your art in gallery format, look no further than Dripbook--an artist community site that declutters the viewing experience and puts the art first. Dripbook has the ease and functionality of Flickr--you can upload, drag and drop your images into sets or artist "books" grouped according to your preference. Artists can create a profile, message or connect with other members--unless, of course, you aren't completely engrossed in uploading your entire portfolio. ...more

I don't think you'll be disappointed! ...more