Let your inner slob out (and then post her picture on Flickr)

Before we go any further, I need to show you all what I'm wearing today. ...more

Kian, I think that being a mother of a small baby makes it hard NOT to be slobby some of the ...more

Flickr Stories - True Tales and Snapshots

I'm fond of taking pictures, but I am not a photographer. The noble endeavor of photography is an activity best avoided by non-arty philistines like me. I do, however, think of myself as an old school snapshot taker who loves to take pictures to tell a story. I am such an old school snapshot taker that I used to own and wield the lazy woman's snapshot machine, a Kodak Instamatic camera. ...more

Dearest AP, the Queen of North Carolina Bloggers - Warm greetings to you, my friend. Yes, I get ...more

Flickr posts photos to your blog

Here's what Flickr says about emailing photos to your blog. ...more

My Other Blog Is Flickr.

There's a whole other blogging world extant just beneath the surface of the regular ol' world o' blogs: The Realm Of Flickr. There you can actually SEE -- in 3-dimensional color and/or black and white (in the case of some Flickr artistes) -- layers of M&F bloggers lives laid bare in images often not seen on their "regular" blogs. ...more

I'm fighting my Flickr addiction as well. Lately I've been neglecting it, hopefully this will ...more