Putting Your Best Foot Fashion Forward

Not to rain on anyone's parade, especially if they are lucky enough to attend BlogHer '10 in the fashion capital of the US, but you might think twice about the footwear you select for navigating the sidewalks of New York. Consider this Public Service Alert #1: Clogs Can Cause Harm to Self and Others.  If you are a clogger by trade or even a hobbyist clogger, disregard this entire post.  You have probably already taken out additional health insurance policies to protect you from what I am about to explain....more

Fluffy Flip-Flops

It is week three of summer vacation and I came up with a project to keep my girls busy for a little while…and me too…plus we have new shoes to wear and what girl doesn’t like new shoes?...ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood...more

So Much Happening in the Health Care World!

There is so much going on in the health care world! Health care reform in Massachusetts, medical schools being graded on their relationship with Big Pharma, Merck getting some good news about Vioxx, and a week full of pharmaceutical news. And what is the deal with flip-flops?! Find out about all of this and more over at Health Care Insiders!   -------------- Becky Ramsey  Health Care Insiders ...more