Flirting A More Creative Way to Cheat?

Is Flirting Cheating?You go out to a club with some friends, you look across the bar and there you see your significant other up close and personal in the face of someone who is obviously not you. Do you feel a quick shot of that thing we call jealousy? Or do you just look away, and let it slide?...more

While On The Train: To Approach Or Not To Approach, That Is The Question

My friend Joe and I were discussing train flirting the other day. He had seen a really pretty girl on his way to work, and didn’t know if it was appropriate to say something to her....more

FUNNY Pick Up Lines You Can Use To Make Him Laugh!

Hey Babydoll,Do you want to 'turn up the heat' or 'pump it up' with your man and get closer than ever before?Then you got to give these FLAMING HOT AND CHEESY PICK UP LINES A TRY!But first, here's how you can use them. ...more

The Best Pintrest Husband Appreciation Idea EVER!!!!

Right here, right now, I'm going to admit to the entire world that I am officially a Pinterest addict.I spend far too much of my evening hours trolling the pages of Pinterest for recipes, DIY project to do with my hubby, crafts I know I'll never make (but re-pin because someday I might actually become one of those people that can do a craft without a worst case scenario result),and quotes and stories to use in sermons later. ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Your phone might be keeping you single

The scene: A Chicago bar during a college football game. A couple in a booth, accompanied by a male friend. Minutes later, a girl walks in solo and sits with the group, bubbly and smiley. (Said girl, I might add, is pretty damn cute.) ...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Calling out a flake is not the answer

So you meet someone, and you have that all-too-familiar bar dance I like to call, “Trying not to look interested, totally interested. trying to look composed, totally unsure. Also, did I wear my sexy underwear?” You catch his eye, start talking, and within a matter of hours wind up with a number, at the very least. You follow up, or he does. Either way, you text throughout the week, and then comes Friday. Nothing. You thought you moved beyond the days when your “weekend barometer” was whether or not he wanted to see you. Nope....more
SnarkySass  I think we all get to do that a couple times. It's how we learn, right? And it makes ...more

Naturally Flirtatious on my "Regular" Job!

Although I try to be as professional as humanly possible on any "regular" 9-5 job that I have, it’s obvious that I have a very flirtatious nature when it comes to men, especially older men, and they EAT-ME –UP!! See these are the perks of having been intimately linked professionally with men for damn near 15 years; I’m comfortable around them no matter where I am or what I’m doing. ...more

What Do Sex and the Gym Have in Common?

After my umpteenth gym membership renewal, and yet more new years resolutions, a few years ago I managed to finally drag myself to my local gym for the first time since I moved to the area.Turning up in my old jogger bottoms and a vest, I felt rather under-dressed in comparison to the gorgeous stick insect women who don’t really need to be within a hundred miles of a gym and somehow seem to refrain from breaking into an’ atom’ of sweat looking fab in their matching wrist and head sweat bands, Lycra leggings and a thong you could thread a needle with!...more

Dear Dr. Romance: How Do I Flirt to Grab a Guy's Attention?

 Dear Dr. Romance: I'd like to learn something flirty and funny that will grab a guys attention!? I am going bowling with my crush and a group of friends (I never talk to my crush so this is huge!) and I am trying to think of some cute flirty things to say! Any suggestions? Examples please :) -Like let's say I make a mistake and get a gutterball or fall or something what is something flirty and cute I can say? - Or lets say he is pretty good at bowling- whats a good cute comment?!...more

Flirting Update

Initiating a conversation ...more