Should We Have Waited 100 Years? Mark Twain's Autobiography and Today's Blogging

Mark Twain asked for 100 years to pass to have his autobiography published in what he hoped would be a more open-minded era (he had unpopular feelings about events of the time). But a stronger reason may have been this: Even if he was telling the absolute truth, with no fish stories that could be challenged by his peers, Twain may have felt uncomfortable being his true self and speaking openly about people who had a chance to read about themselves in print. It's an idea that bloggers know all too well. You start writing for yourself, and within a few posts, you realize that your story is also tied to many other people. Some of those people will be excited to see themselves described through a blogger's eyes (especially when it's a good story), but more than one blogger has seen the negative consequences of writing about other people. ...more

Damn, I'm totally hunting you down at BlogHer this summer so I can hear this potty ...more