Kids Report from the 2016 White House Kids' State Dinner

Editor's Note: Just as they did in 2013, 2014, and 2015, my children once again served as reporters for this year's White House Kids' State Dinner. It was a wonderful day of new recipes, excited faces, and healthy recipes! -- Mel ...more
Thank you for sharing. I live in northern California and there are some creative chef classes ...more

The 2013 Kids State Dinner from the Kids' Perspective

Michelle Obama knows that the best way to get kids to eat their vegetables is to involve them in choosing what they eat. On July 9th, we were there for the 2013 Kids State Dinner. This event started last year, and it's part of the Let's Move initiative. 54 kids were chosen for the Kids State Dinner because they had very healthy recipes. They came to celebrate their work and present it to the public. ...more
Just awesome!more

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on "Grab and Go" Choices

"Back then, something as simple as a grocery shopping trip required a finely honed plan of attack. That trip to the supermarket was one of a dozen items I had to check off my to-do list within my few precious hours of errand time. So each week, armed with my budget and my list, I was on a mission to get in and out of that store in less than thirty minutes. Thirty minutes is all I had. So if the fruit wasn't already pre-packaged, you could forget about it. I did not have time for bagging, weighing, and calculating thoughts in my head. I was all about grab and go, you hear me?" ...more
you mean like cupcakes and mac & cheese? lol... i know...more

Mom-In-Chief, But Not on the Payroll

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are prominently featured in their spouse's presidential campaigns. Both have made prime-time speeches during the Tampa and Charlotte conventions, which were parsed in detail by the media. Did they make their husbands more likeable? Could they secure the "woman's vote" for their spouses? Were their televised speeches fluff pieces, or did they convey meaningful insights?...more
You're right, we can't quantify every service in monetary terms, but we find ways to come up ...more

First Lady Michelle Obama Joins Pinterest (Help Her Pick Some Good Pinboards)

Oh FLOTUS, what took you so long to join Pinterest?  The social media site is right up your alley.  Think of all the gardening tips you can find and post.  The delicious recipes accompanied by mouth-watering photographs that you can use on all those vegetables coming out of the White House garden.  And as the Queen of Style, you can pick up so many dress ideas from other fashionistas. Yes, the First Lady Michelle Obama has come today to Pinterest. ...more
 @nwlocavore  Those photos are gorgeous!  Now delving in to find some recipes to try this weekend.more