Cute Crochet Cupcake Dishcloth

While perusing the yarn aisle at my local craft store, I happened upon a free crochet pattern for a cupcake dishcloth. The sign said "Take One", so I did, because I always do what I'm told. Yep....more

Floral Monograms with What?!

Can you tell that Monograms make me happy? And tattoo paper? Tattoo paper is my newest love - it's so versatile - you can apply it to a variety of surfaces without much effort or prep. Now you know how I love Creative Market's weekly freebies? You can see a few here, here and here. These vintage flowers from Mia Charro? Divine!...more

Create Your Own Stationery: Flower Power Envelopes

Flower Power Envelopes! I was a teeeeeensy bit inspired by take-out boxes. I freely admit to having a problem. I go into restaurants and examine take-out containers. Especially when they are cute. There. I said it. ...more

Shasta Daisies!

I love these little guys - so cheerful! ...more

Parts of a Plant

I thought it would be fun to list off different parts of plants, and let some of you know what they do. Each part of every plant has a very special job to do. So, let us take a look at what are the parts, and what job each part plays. We shall begin at the bottom....more

Blossoms to Lift My Heart in Winter

This winter I just refuse to do without my, I bought some Amaryllis bulbs, and planted them. The first one bloomed the next day after Christmas: ...more

Photo Textures

Water Droplet Refraction

Flower Cupcakes

My friend, Angie, made these for her daughter’s birthday party today and I was so impressed I just have to share them with you.This is how she makes them:Bake and frost cupcakes as usualSnip about 1/3 off a marshmallow with scissors, clipping it diagonally, which will make it pointy like a flower petal.Dip the sticky side of the now cut marshmallow in colored sugar crystals and repeat for each petal....more

Very Pretty! Almost too pretty to eat :)more

MAKE :: Wool Spiral Flowers (Craft Tutorial)

This is a perfect project for using up pretty bits of yarn. I love to make them with handspun and/or single ply, but they would work well with plied wool yarn as well. Attach a bobby pin or hair elastic for a one of a kind hair decoration.  Or add a brooch pin, even stitch them right to your finished garment for a sweet embellishment.  Stitch a piece of wool felt to the back for stability and you have a pretty button!...more
You make it look so easy! I'm going to try this tonight. So far I've always bought litlle ...more