What Does Snowboarding Have in Common with the Burpee Garden Catalog?

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Absolutely nothing. But I was looking at them simultaneously yesterday and I thought you'd appreciate the contrast. These mogul-hopping, mop-haired daredevils were braving the brutal artic winds while these juicy, red tomatoes and gaudy, striped petunias were leaping off the page at me. I wasn't watching the Olympics in my living room, but sitting below a "mountain" in Minnesota, leafing through a catalog I found in the car, while my husband was kicking the tires on a rust-riddled "88 Beemer. ...more

Something Old, Something New for Valentine's Day: Bleeding Hearts

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I hate to disappoint anyone. I was about to title this post with some of the quaintly descriptive names of Dicentra spectabilis, otherwise known by the tragically romantic moniker, "Old-Fashioned Bleeding Hearts". And then I remembered the unsavory search words that showed up in my referrals when I blogged about appreciating and harvesting rose hips. It seems there are some people who like Big Hips but aren't seeking out gardening advice. ...more

Add a Little Do-Goodness to Your Valentine's Day

On Sunday, February 14th, thousands of people will exchange cards, go out to dinner, eat chocolates, buy flowers, and give gifts for Valentine's Day. If you're celebrating, why not add a little do-goodness to your Valentine's Day?Cards...more

I love the eco focus on this...way to go!

One Friday night, more

Alpine Strawberries: Perfect Fruit for Small Garden Spaces

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I was singing the praises of Alpine strawberries across the table at the Master Gardener luncheon, when I thought I might as well shout across the blog about them too. I think alpine strawberries are about as near to perfect as a plant can be. Gardeners looking to expand their edible landscapes and new kitchen gardeners should really have this red berry on their radar. Even my dog loves them! Read more about it on The Garden Buzz. ...more

A trip to the nursery...

Today I took a trip to the plant nursery, to buy a lemon tree, of all things. This little nursery tripped turned into a photo session :PBut why not, nature is amazing :)...more

We Are Hothouse Flowers, Waiting

I'm waiting for seeds to come in for the winter sowing I was told about by kind-hearted gardeners who have taken on my needy hothouse spirit as a salvage project.But in the meantime, I found orchids. Orchids! Inexpensive ones languishing on a sale rack at Lowe's....more

Big Hips

With Thanksgiving behind us it seems like the perfect time to talk about big hips. But I'm not talking about the turkey, potatoes and pie kind of hips. I love roses with big hips....read more at http://www.thegardenbuzz....more

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe)

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe) ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers Photos of cultivars from Europe. Cultivars are a variety of a plants and flowers developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation. ...more

Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers

Reposted from http://www.sarahjoyalbrecht.com/2009/06/17/dandelion-gifts-keeping-short-stemmed-flowers/ ...more