5 Reasons to Plant Zinnias In Your Garden

(Besides the fact that they're so beautiful!} ...more
This is my first post, and I haven't figured out how to insert photos, yet!  I'll figure it out.more

Paper Quilling Tutorial: Outlined Flowers

 I have often admired simple line drawings of flowers and finally came up with an idea to make it from paper quilling strips....more


Being back at work has been easier than expected emotionally, but so much harder than expected in terms of time.  I spend most of my non-V time getting things ready for the next day, so I've had very little time to knit or blog this month.  So, you get a post about a blanket square.  One sad, solitary blanket square.  The good news?  It's a cute square that was a pleasure to make!...more

Talking Flowers: A Valentine's Day Guide to Flowers and Their Meaning

In addition to their diverse beauty, flowers also say different things. In Victorian times, when flirtation and conversation was discouraged, lovers exchanged flowers and nosegays in discretion, to convey messages through symbolic meaning. So pick something that really speaks to your love. Here's what some of my favorites say: ...more

A Bouquet for Bradshaw

I have been exploring two of the Inns of Court with Bradshaw's Hand Book to London and today's post is a little bouquet for Mr Bradshaw....more

Monday Magnolia


Lilac Sunday


A Pilgrimage to Annie's Annuals in Richmond, California

One of our "field trips" on the recent Garden Bloggers Fling (SF, 2013), was to Annie's Annuals in Richmond. The first time I heard about Annie's it was described as a "Gardener's Mecca".  Visiting there is like the antithesis of the big box store nurseries ... they have everything! Everything pretty, everything old-fashioned, everything native, just plain everything. Check out the website if you don't believe me!...more

Magnolia Blossoms