Pros and Cons of Flu Vaccination

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Flu shot during pregnancy reduces autism risk

You've heard the controversy regarding vaccines and children and whether or not they cause autism. But another vaccine is believed to help prevent autism: the flu shot.Dr. Sanjay Gupta says that pregnant women can lower their risk of having a child with autism by getting the flu SHOT (not the nasal spray), which doesn't contain the live flu virus.It's not that the vaccine itself prevents autism, but rather that it prevents the flu. Dr. Greg Poland of the Mayo Clinic says that pregnant women who get the flu have double or even triple the risk of having a child with autism....more

What Parents Need To Know About The New Flu Vaccine

Scientists have made some great strides in creating vaccines for the 2013-2014 flu season.  They are putting great effort into making the vaccine more effective with fewer allergy restrictions.  And no wonder....more
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Why Everyone Should Get a Flu Shot

After a week or so, my daughter recovered and resumed life as usual. It sure is interesting how a brief brush with an unpredictable disease can change your perspective. The unspoken fear that we faced last year has faded into a childhood memory for Marissa. Surprisingly, it appears that public memory has been short-lived as well — which troubles me as a mom of five active kids. ...more
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I Say "No" to Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Care Workers

Google the word "flu," and you will be bombarded with scare tactics (and guilt tactics) to influence you to get a flu shot. In addition, there are many pieces of writing out there right now trying to influence public opinion about making flu shots mandatory for all health care workers. The idea of making the flu shot mandatory for anyone is disturbing to me. And if you think you don't have to worry because you're not a health care worker, think again. It's a very slippery slope. ...more

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Surrenderstan: A Week in Enemy Territory

by Shelley SingerI find myself today in a foreign land, a threatening land, a land of anxiety and of disorientation, a place where I must relinquish control, a place I will call “Surrenderstan.” It is not in an exotic location. You can get there by touching the handle of a grocery cart, by sitting next to the wrong person on the subway, by going to the theater or to a ballgame. I got here via the flu, to whose control I was forced to submit, kicking and screaming all the way....more

Swine Flu: Do We Need To Stop Eating Pork? Be Scared? Get Vaccinated?

Can we still eat pork? The answer is YES. The H1N1 flu is not a food-born illness, it is a respiratory illness. And we are NOT AT RISK of contracting the H1N1 flu by eating pork products. However, earlier this week the World Health Organization confused the issue by saying that pigs infected with H1N1 must be kept out of the food supply. So, to clarify... From CNN... ...more

Surviving Cold and Flu Season. What About The Flu Vaccine?

Surviving Cold and Flu Season. What About The Flu Vaccine? On a night that I am quite sure I am coming down with a terrible cold, I thought taking a look at getting through cold and flu season, would be an appropriate post. How are you holding up? Have you had your first cold of the season? Do you have any tips for staying healthy during this time of the year? What about tips for getting better? ...more

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Snot: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Hello, world. It’s still flu season. According to the CDC, 5-20% of the U.S. population gets the flu each year, with a higher percentage of that number being children. That translates into around 15-60 million people. This is my favorite description of a sick family thus far. …the children’s school holiday activities have mostly consisted of barfing, coughing, wiping snot on their pajama sleeves, tossing phlegm-soaked tissue balls into waste baskets and profuse night-sweating. Aaaaah, yeah. ...more

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In Health News: Potential Problems with Tamiflu, and Questioning The Benefits of the Flu Vaccine.

New warnings from the FDA about possible psychiatric events being observed in some patients that have taken Tamiflu and Relenza (antiviral medications used to minimize the symptoms of the flu). When it comes to the flu, there are two aspects of concern. First...Are the medications safe? And second...Are the vaccines beneficial? Here are some of what's been in the news and on the blogs recently. ...more