The Difference Between Flu Mist and Flu Shot

I was educated by a pharmacist about the difference between the two methods of the Flu vaccine given to children. I was shocked and concerned about the method I was allowing my children to take each year....more
@Achsel  @thirdpartyview  I was referring to the 4 common kinds of viruses that circulate each ...more

Happy Birthday, baby girl OR why do I compare everything to Downton Abbey?

Hey, I think I ruined my daughter's 9th birthday! Amy @ ADDled

Use Ginger to Improve Your Wellbeing

I am asked at least once a day about how to prevent colds, or what you can take once you feel one coming on to prevent it from becoming a full-fledged cold, leaving you feeling miserable and down for the count for a while....more

Shoo Flu Shoo!

With Flu season looming and everyone asking if you’ve gotten a flu shot, if you plan on it, and hearing (my favorite) “Eh, I’m not going to get it, I’m healthy and it’s only the flu, I don’t get what the big deal is…” That statement clearly comes from someone who hasn’t had the flu!!...more
It's very important to realize that there are different types of vaccinations, that I wrote ...more