Human Snot Rag

Lil Man will be 2 next Monday. It's so hard to believe! Where has the time gone? But as you know if you read my last post he has the flu. Well in addition to the flu, he also has pneumonia.It's been touch and go with putting him in the hospital. He wouldn't drink or eat and was getting lethargic. But finally, as we were making the decision within the hour, he ate a little and drank some water.We have stayed out of the hospital so far. He is showing some signs of improvement, but he is still very sick. Currently, we he has major congestion and major diarrhea....more

Outsourcing the Flu

For the last 4-5 days I've been down with flu/respiratory crud, and along with that I've had the attendant exhaustion, achiness, weakness, congestion, and overall blahness that comes from being sick. We all know that this has been a tough flu season, and though it seems to be on the downswing, it's still pretty bad out there, no matter where you live....more

Chicken Soup for the Flu

Feeling flu’ish? Taking care of someone sick with the flu? Just looking for a great, simple chicken soup recipe you can throw together in minutes and freeze for later? Here it is. Simple and delicious.Chicken Soup for the Flu1 chicken1 onion2″ knob of ginger3-4 stalks of parsley1 fennel bulb4 carrots3 stalks celery (leaves and all)1 clove garlic2 tsp saltpepper ...more

The Flu

The flu is kicking my ass. 24 hours ago I was a normal healthy unemployed radio dj enjoying a weekend in Iowa with my family...sometime around 3 am...I was sicker then the dog...I've never understood that expression...I have seen sick dogs...unless they're dying, they seem pretty least my dad's dogs...cheerful, overfed, running the house, but all in all...pretty good... Up until a couple of hours ago when the fever broke I was unable to lift my head without plotting an escape route to the you know what got me out of bed? ...more
@HomeRearedChef  Good morning Virginia...So there's two of us who can't get to sleep!  Love you ...more

Protect Yourself with these Flu Season Immune System Vitamin Boost

With the cold weather looming and the flu bug making its rounds, it's time to protect ourselves and children against the dreaded flu virus this season....more

Five Tips to Stay Healthy at BlogHer '12 (or Any Conference)

Blogher '12 is this weekend. Without a doubt, you already know how to make the best of the conference. These here are a few quick tips to ensure that you make it out with your health intact. ...more

3-31-12 Updates on this year’s flu season…..

3-31-12 Updates on this year’s flu season….. “Flu season most often begins in January and February," says Dr. Lyn Finelli with the CDC, which tracks the flu's spread across America. "It usually peaks in February or March and lasts until about May."According to the CDC maps Flu is in almost every state in one stage or another. I’m taking orders for The Defender™ and the Flu Defender™ now for delivery next week. Below is input on how to take my formulas… ...more

"Bundle Up Or You'll Catch a Cold" and Why We Really Get Sick

Growing up, I was told that getting chilled outside would give me a cold. "Put on your coat or you'll get sick!" my mother would shriek as I blasted out the door. It's true we're more likely to catch colds and flu during winter, but we don't catch colds or flu from going outside scantily clad. Why is it that we seem to catch more colds in the winter, then? ...more
Dear Sally. This is a very helpful post and I hadn't heard these theories before. They make ...more

Protect the Baby!

Hey! Remember that one time 2, 3, 4... 10! posts ago when I said something funny? When I wasn't all, "Hey, let's talk about God and sadness and things that make me feel like shit." Remember that? Well I think it's time for a little more of it right now. So come, join me in laughing at my pain. Because sometimes, laughing is the only thing that makes it all better....more

Starting off 2012 right

Hurray it is 2012 and what better way to start off the new year than with a God awful cold,flu,whatever it is. Start the year off with a bang? Nope start it off with itchy watery eyes, sinuses with unending mucus flow, and an unsatiable appetitite for chocolate. Champaign? Yes, but only if it hasn't gone bad :( wow. But, I didn't start off the year alone in this deep dark depth of cold dispare. Yes, my husband is suffering with me. HA. Actually, he was the one who gave me the crud. You know when some people say you share in marriage?...more