I Say "No" to Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Care Workers

Google the word "flu," and you will be bombarded with scare tactics (and guilt tactics) to influence you to get a flu shot. In addition, there are many pieces of writing out there right now trying to influence public opinion about making flu shots mandatory for all health care workers. The idea of making the flu shot mandatory for anyone is disturbing to me. And if you think you don't have to worry because you're not a health care worker, think again. It's a very slippery slope. ...more

I think that sounds like a reasonable compromise as well. Although, many cancer patients ...more

Health Risks of Anti-Bacterial Soaps

With fears of H1N1 running rampant, it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s antibacterial gel, antibacterial soap and other antibacterial cleansers.  But are these cleansers really necessary, not to mention safe, or do they actually post health risks?  Today’s guest post addresses these questions. ...more

Has Swine Flu Created the Purell Period of History?

Everywhere I go, I see those signs in the bathrooms explaining how to properly wash hands. Reminding me to wash my hands. And I ask myself, does anyone NOT wash their hands after going to the bathroom? And if so, how can we call ourselves a civilized society? But I get it. Everyone's terrified of swine flu, the latest scourge on our populace, and now we must all focus on the hand washing. With many bubbles and much hot water. This is hard enough to get out of adults, let alone kids. However, I'm noticing a trend I find almost as disturbing as not enough hand washing in my daughter. She's become addicted to hand sanitizer. ...more

As a nanny, I hardly ever have *time* to fully wash my hands when absolutely necessary. I ...more

Germs on a Plane: 5 Myths and Truths About Healthy Flying

 Is it true you get sick every time you fly, or does it just seem like it? It's a common belief that planes are germ factories and with every passing minute you spend in the cabin, you're more likely to get sick....more

Why We All Need To Worry About The Flu, And Some Of Us More Than Others

You have to look out for the flu, do you hear me? You, and everyone you know. That may or may not mean getting a flu shot - more on that below - but either way, watch for it, cover your mouth, wash your hands, see the doctor... do whatever it takes to contain it. Especially if you are pregnant, or know someone pregnant, or might possibly one of these days sneeze on someone who is pregnant. Because those someones? Their lives - and the lives of their babies - depend on it....more

I'm almost 6 months pregnant and my husband got the flu about 2 months ago.  About 6 ...more

Flu shots and you

Each year I get my seasonal flu shot. I never want to get the shot or the flu. I tell my kids it doesn't hurt, but they know better now. I get vaccinated because I am hopeful that developing immunity against the flu will help keep my family and friends healthier too....more

Autism news! Primate study links mercury in vaccine to brain injury

 I think this is BIG news!This new study found that monkeys that received a Hep B vaccine w/ the mercury-based preservative thimerosal had SIGNIFICANT DELAYS in developing important brain functions. Those who didn't get the vaccines developed normally.Autism now affects 1 in 91 kids and many believe it's due to the mercury preservative in many shots. ...more