The Swine Flu Is Now A Pandemic

On Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the first flu pandemic in 41 years. But there is no need to panic, the H1N1 virus (swine flu) has not become any more lethal, it's just being recognized as a pandemic now because of the numbers of cases and areas affected. From The Wall Street Journal - Flu Pandemic Is Declared... ...more

Confirmed case in a parent of a student at daycare.  Mostly annoyed if it interferes with plans ...more

Swine Flu: Identifying the Symptoms Video

The swine flu epidemic is spreading as more international travelers come home. Unlike many previous flu outbreaks this flu epidemic is infecting a larger number proportionally of otherwise healthy children and young adults. As a parent it can be confusing to figure out what symptoms to watch for. ...more

Swine Flu Prevention: Kid-Friendly Tips

Swine flu prevention begins with easy steps even small children can do. According to theCDC there are everyday actions people can take to stay healthy: ...more

Swine Flu - Don't panic

Many of my friends are calling today, worried about Swine Flu, what it is and what they should do to protect themselves and their families.   ...more

Good points all. In our community, Public Health recruited teachers to be volunteers ...more

Beat the (swine) flu: 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands

In light of the news about swine flu, Julie over at MomsToWork wrote a terrific idea filled post on 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands. As a Mom of twin boys, she's been there and done that.    ...more

Worried About the Swine Flu? Common Sense Can Help Protect You

The swine flu is all over the news today, with good reason.  We've all heard the stories of the potential pandemic spreading quickly throughout the United States as well as the problems the flu is causing so far in Mexico.  So is there anything we can do to avoid it?  Absolutely! ...more

The dangerous overuse of antibiotics and creation of superbugs

For nearly the past month, my family and I have been battling a doozy of an upper respiratory infection, also known as a cold or the flu. It started with my daughter and quickly spread to my son and husband and finally to me all within about a week's time. The coughing, the phlegm, the runny nose, the aches, the fever, the gastrointestinal issues - we shared it all. Isn't family great?! ...more

The Flu Sucks. So Do You Get a Shot?

The CDC recently held a blogger webinar to educate us about the flu.  Before becoming a parent, I thought the flu was a stomach bug, not realizing that no, it's actually a really horrific respiratory thing that sucks, sucks, sucks.  And I've now had it, in all its glory.  And so has my daughter. I am still not so sure about flu shots.  ...more

I'm a fan of the flu shot. Always have been. And now I get it free since I work in a ...more

Papaya Helps Promote Digestive Health - It Can Also Prevent Colds & Flu

Papaya helps promote digestive health with natural enzymes. And a body with strong digestion has a stronger immunity because of its ability to remove built up waste from the body. Did you know that strong digestion increases your metabolism? It's true...And an increased metabolism can help promote weight loss. Papaya is also great for the immune system. The vitamin C and A in papaya are both needed for proper function of a healthy immune system, making it helpful in the prevention of colds and flu. ...more

At a raw food restaurant they made the papaya into a salmon steak. For real! It was good but ...more