Papaya Helps Promote Digestive Health - It Can Also Prevent Colds & Flu

Papaya helps promote digestive health with natural enzymes. And a body with strong digestion has a stronger immunity because of its ability to remove built up waste from the body. Did you know that strong digestion increases your metabolism? It's true...And an increased metabolism can help promote weight loss. Papaya is also great for the immune system. The vitamin C and A in papaya are both needed for proper function of a healthy immune system, making it helpful in the prevention of colds and flu. ...more

At a raw food restaurant they made the papaya into a salmon steak. For real! It was good but ...more

Writing a Teleplay with the Flu

Sunday, Mach 23, 2008 Waning Moon Saturn Retrograde Sunny and cold Easter Sunday Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! May you have a family-filled day of joy and renewed hope. I’m feeling a little better. I have to get my act together because I’m invited to dinner tonight and can’t cancel. I’ll just eat, um, cautiously. ...more


Back in August, when I started to once again volunteer at the hospital, I was offered the gift of a free flu vaccine. I turned it down because I was told that the injection site would be extremely sore for several days and well, enough said, I'll pass. ...more

Snot: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Hello, world. It’s still flu season. According to the CDC, 5-20% of the U.S. population gets the flu each year, with a higher percentage of that number being children. That translates into around 15-60 million people. This is my favorite description of a sick family thus far. …the children’s school holiday activities have mostly consisted of barfing, coughing, wiping snot on their pajama sleeves, tossing phlegm-soaked tissue balls into waste baskets and profuse night-sweating. Aaaaah, yeah. ...more

...but mostly, that title should earn you an award! That was hilarious!

Shannon @ Rocks In ...more

Flu Report 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008 The flu shot received last October provided hope that the infamous cold and flu season would not land anywhere close to where I was standing. That hope has now vanished, replaced with chills, a heavy chest, bouts of coughing, a fleeting earache, and of course the runny nose and headache associated with the culprit. ...more

Happy, Healthy 2008! Natural Help for Colds and Flu

A New Day is Dawning: Make it your Best! Are you ending year 2007 with a bang or fizzle? If a cold or flu lays you low, it's wise to combine antibiotic drugs with herbal medicines to kill germs, detoxify the body, reduce drug side-effects, and boost vitality. See for additional product information, books, and recipes. ...more

Go Ginger My Garlic: Offense For Fall

Listen up, team! Last week we gave you the play-by-play on how to fight the flu with a strong germ defense. Charging into the second half, try these all-natural offensive strategies to fend off bacteria before they reach must-have-antibiotics levels: Garlic: Also known as Russian Penicillin, this traditional all-star Italian seasoning is brimming with infection-fighting allicin. One clove a day keeps bad bugs at bay, but to stay flu-free, chop up three or four cloves and add them to your favorite dish. Hint: keep breath mints handy. ...more

Ominous Mutation in Bird Flu

Bird flu has mutated again, allowing easier human-to-human transmission and increasing the chances of a bird flu pandemic. According to Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a “specific change” has occurred that seems to allow the H5N1 bird flu virus to grow in the upper respiratory tract. While the virus previously didn’t thrive in the human nose or throat, this new mutation does replicate well in the upper respiratory tract of humans. ...more

Bawling in the Giant....

I don't think I've done that in 2 years, not since I worked through most of my major depression. Back then I used to cry for hours at a time and sometimes in public. Now it's more like minor/medium depression, manageable with no crying. But today was a special case. As you can see from my posts, the work week hasn't been hellish or anything but it's been difficult. I've had a lot of emotional, physical, and even spiritual energy drained by trying to learn all these new things and to excel. All that landed on my head today when I got sick. ...more