Birthday Shuffle V - Day 12 - Living Life

When your husband surprises you with thisfor your birthday...  One song just isn't going to be enough... &...more

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight (In Economy)

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since Dave and I returned from our honeymoon. The vacation was amazing, but I think we’d both quickly admit that the flights there are back were brutal. Almost eight hour flights both ways? Ouch. Since I’ve recently gone through the pain of a long international flight, today I want to share with you some of my tips for surviving a long flight sitting in economy....more

A friendly note from the FAA

"What did you do?!" I exclaimed as Mr. T flipped through the mail and remarked that a manilla envelope from the FAA was tucked in between the bills and junk.Now, I imagined that correspondence from the Federal Aviation Administration must have spelled some type of infraction on T's part. What, I couldn't tell you, because T is the most competent and careful pilot I know....more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding my feet in the Decathlon

 We were at 3,000 feet practicing steep turns, stalls, and slow flight, me knocking six months of rust off when I remarked about my lazy feet: "I need to get back in a taildragger soon!" The comment referred to my insufficient use of rudder in the Cessna 182....more

Nothing says Happy New Year like a flight in the Cessna 190

41 degrees on New Year's morning, preflighting the Cessna 190. Starting 2015 out right!No lies, I was in bed and asleep by 9:45 last night. Some New Year's eve, huh?...more

Fly Girl in Training: Short cross-country solo flying

 Flying my short cross country solo to Modesto (KMOD) & Los Banos (KLSN)...more

An airplane fairy with Cessna wings

"But where are your wings?!" she exclaimed, her tiny 5-year old fingers exploring the center of my back."I left them in the hangar!" I smiled back, trying not to laugh too much....more

Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more

It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun

 Yes, I really fell down on my weddi...more

Getting Over My Fear of Flying

In just a few days I am going to fly in an airplane for the first time in seven years. This lack of time in the friendly skies is no accident.I admit to you, dear reader, that I am afraid to fly.  This hasn't always been true.  I flew several times during my twenties and at first I loved it. I flew solo to Norway when I was 18 to visit my brother and his family for a week. Great flights there and back....more