Oshkosh bound: Cross country and formation flying

A couple weeks ago Mr. T and I enjoyed our six-year wedding anniversary. Six years! And T has been delighting in telling everyone we celebrated by him dropping me at the airport at o-dark-thirty, and me flying off with another man. Ha!...more

Surviving International Flights with a Toddler

Recently, we returned from a whirlwind trip to the US from Sydney, including two international flights with a toddler(15 and 17 hours, respectively) with two short (2.5 hours) flights between them. Two weeks later, we flew to Tassie (1.5 hours each way) for a week-long trip. That's a grand total of 40 hours of flight time, in one month, with a very mobile and sociable 14 month old....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 12 - Living Life

When your husband surprises you with thisfor your birthday...  One song just isn't going to be enough... &...more

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight (In Economy)

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since Dave and I returned from our honeymoon. The vacation was amazing, but I think we’d both quickly admit that the flights there are back were brutal. Almost eight hour flights both ways? Ouch. Since I’ve recently gone through the pain of a long international flight, today I want to share with you some of my tips for surviving a long flight sitting in economy....more

A friendly note from the FAA

"What did you do?!" I exclaimed as Mr. T flipped through the mail and remarked that a manilla envelope from the FAA was tucked in between the bills and junk.Now, I imagined that correspondence from the Federal Aviation Administration must have spelled some type of infraction on T's part. What, I couldn't tell you, because T is the most competent and careful pilot I know....more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding my feet in the Decathlon

 We were at 3,000 feet practicing steep turns, stalls, and slow flight, me knocking six months of rust off when I remarked about my lazy feet: "I need to get back in a taildragger soon!" The comment referred to my insufficient use of rudder in the Cessna 182....more

Nothing says Happy New Year like a flight in the Cessna 190

41 degrees on New Year's morning, preflighting the Cessna 190. Starting 2015 out right!No lies, I was in bed and asleep by 9:45 last night. Some New Year's eve, huh?...more

Fly Girl in Training: Short cross-country solo flying

 Flying my short cross country solo to Modesto (KMOD) & Los Banos (KLSN)...more

An airplane fairy with Cessna wings

"But where are your wings?!" she exclaimed, her tiny 5-year old fingers exploring the center of my back."I left them in the hangar!" I smiled back, trying not to laugh too much....more

Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more