8 Tips for flying with kids

Long haul flights with small children are no fun.  Our flight from London to Sydney was around 24hrs in total, leaving at 9.30 pm.  Ordinarily we then would have an 8hr wait in Sydney airport and a commuter flight of about an hour down to my Mum's place in Merimbula.  It's hard enough for an adult in good health, but travelling alone with two small children in tow all the annoyances are amplified.  As always the kids were absolutely amazing, and the long trip was made so much easier because of it....more

Flying with Children

I recently took the boys, (2 & 1/4 and 1 year), to visit my parents. The flight from Edmonton to Victoria is about an hour and a half, so seemed manageable for my first flight alone with them. After an uneventful flight to Victoria, and a lovely visit with the grandparents, we packed up and settled into the flight home. The flight going was at lunch time, so I entertained the children with fun lunch ideas and my oldest found a new movie on the iPad. Other than leaving a pile of crumbs under our seats, I couldn't have asked for better behaved children. ...more

Childfree Flights: Navigating the Unfriendly Skies?

There was a bit of a stir on the Maybe Lady Facebook page recently when I posted a link to an article from a Mom (Priyanka Kher) who was insulted by Malaysia Airline’s decision to offer premium-priced seats in a Childfree section of the plane....more

I'm Scared To Fly With My Kid

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I have to fly with my 15-month-old son next month. I'm terrified. Any advice on how to make it easier? I'm guessing it's not cool to drink while taking care of a baby on a plane.Signed,Fear of Flying with Offspring...more
Love this!! I just went right for what not to do in a recent travel with toddlers blog post!more

Flying With Family

“Oh no,” said DorkyDad. “What a terrible start to a holiday.” We had just been treated to the sight of Alex Salmond, recently off a flight from London, strutting through Edinburgh airport. For a man in a crumpled suit, he exuded an extraordinary air of arrogance....more