Is FMLA Enough? Or Do Fathers Need Paid Leave?

We know that FMLA provides unpaid leave to parents within the first year of the child’s birth. But what about the families in which the father’s income is essential to the household’s economic stability? ...more
I work at a Fortune 500 company as an ADA/FMLA Consultant. Our company has offered two workweeks ...more

When Will We Meet The Need For Paid Parental Leave?

What do you value most in life? Don’t think hard about it, just quickly rattle off two or three things.Got em’ yet?OK, so I betcha included in that list is your family. We all generally agree that family is important and needs to be prioritized. So why, oh why don’t we put our money where our mouth is?...more

Family Medical Leave Act 20 Year Anniversary

Anyone with common sense would agree that healthy families are essential to a robust economy. That’s why it’s worth celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act on February 5; one of the most significant advances for working families in our nation’s history....more
My mom recently lost her job taking care of my sick grandmother. She was days away from ...more

"Choosing" Work over Baby: The Reality of Parental Leave in the United States

Having It All Society and Hollywood tell me that I can have it al...more

Punished for Taking Too Long a Maternity Leave? Blame Feminism.

The blogger Well-heeled brought my attention to this new study with the stunning question: “Could the U.S.’s lack of policy mandating paid maternity leave actually help women’s careers?” I’m going to blame second wave feminism for the fact that we are even having this conversation- and having it over, and over again....more

To me, issuing the challenge seems to imply that only people in business are ...more

Cobbling together maternity leave- what's the best strategy?

Have you ever noticed how people use the term “cobbled together” when referring to their maternity leave?...more

If you think cobbling together maternity leave is tough, try adoption leave!  It's especially ...more

Hillary Hopes to Breathe Life Back into Work-Life Balance

I used to think creating work-life balance was a matter of just taking control over your own life. And to a certain extent, it is. But there are factors in our society as Americans that have really gotten out-of-control. In other countries, new mothers have an opportunity to take real time off to spend with their new babies. New fathers can spend a little time at home too. And without fear of losing their jobs or taking pay cuts for doing it. Here, that's hardly ever the case. ...more