Slogging Through The Middle

It’s so exciting at The Beginning, isn’t it?You’re learning, you’re launching, you’re out there on the far edge of your experience and it’s a real thrill.Then.Then comes The Middle.The Middle is where it gets kinda boring. It’s when the to-do list becomes an exercise in tedium. The End might have certain charms, but there’s very little that’s sexy about The Middle....more

Don't Look at Someone Else's Plate

“Don’t look at someone else’s plate” is either a known Russian saying or else it’s particular to my mother. Usually, she said this during dinner when I made inappropriate commentary about how someone eats something. My six-year-old daughter learned a similar phrase in preschool: “don’t yuck my yum.” ...more

When it is too loud to think

My son recently went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. When I was a child, Chuck E. Cheese was a wonderland of fun games and chaos. Now that I am an adult, I think of it as a casino for children....more

Focusing your attention on the important things

My son is six now, but I vividly remember the oh-so-brief period when he was a baby. He would sit on the floor with toys scattered all around him and either his Daddy or I would be on the floor nearby, watching him play and sometimes joining in to help him with his blocks or trucks. I never wondered if we were playing with our son in the "right" way or even if there was a "right" way to play with him. ...more

Evening Snack Mania

Within one to two hours of finishing supper, there is a common theme in our home.  We begin to crave evening snacks and we start to ponder what might tickle our fancy.  I am not sure what it is or why we have allowed this awful habit for so long, but it is practically a ritual.  I realize; however, that this is directly related to feeling uninspired and not good for our waistline....more

3 Ways to Overcome Distractions: Keeping Your Focus

Incoming! A barrage of emails, texts and calls wage a frontal attack on your attempts to work through your to do list. A few hours later, there’s finally silence. Unfortunately, you are stuck in a paralyzing daze, staring at your computer screen. You are unsure of what direction to take and lack motivation to decide, so you acquiesce and browse Facebook instead. You are distracted.I’ve been there too. Who hasn’t? It is easy to yield to distraction so know that you are not alone.Webster defines distraction as:...more

Living On Purpose in 2016!

A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled, Living on Purpose! Keys to Discovering Your God-Given Destiny. The book captured my personal account of being a single mother, working well enough to support my son and myself but not thriving in a career of my choice. Through the power of visioning and goal setting, I was able to transform my life into one of purpose and direction; one that enabled me to take myself off of autopilot and live each day as I wanted it to be - intentional....more

Outside or Inside, It’s A Matter of Focus #NaBloPoMo 18

Am I on the outside looking inward, or is it the other way around? All of my life I’ve felt on the outside of things. Until I understood what it meant to be an empath, I felt as if I didn’t belong anywhere. Life can be so confusing if empaths spend their time reacting to and absorbing other people’s energy. We don’t always know where we begin and others leave off. Sometimes our very existence is so wrapped up in the emotion of others that we couldn’t remain calm if our lives depended upon it. And then we’re a bundle of vibrating chaos....more

It's taken me three tries to write this post on distractions

At work, it is the constant ping from the office communication program, the new email message appearing in the right-hand corner of the screen and the random pop-ins into my cube as I try to write an email or work on a project. At home, it is the faraway comments from family members in another room, the ever-growing list of stuff to do I keep in my head and all the open tabs in my browser window....more