Unconventional Ways to Make Extra Cash

Want to put some extra cash in your pocket? If you are brainstorming for ways to improve your income, read on for six ways to make money. Some of these methods are more conventional than others, some requires more effort, some more time, still others more risk. All of them, however, will bump up your top-line. ...more

I've done online surveys. They don't pay a lot but I've earned Amazon gift cards and other ...more

Focus Groups: How to Improve Products and Earn Money Doing It

Focus groups are qualitative marketing studies in which participants are asked about their perceptions or attitudes. These market studies are interested in certain demographics for different studies. To evaluate if you qualify for a particular focus group, you usually need to answer questions on your age range, gender, employment, address, etc. Most of the time, moredetails are required. Studies have preliminary surveys that you must fill out to be considered -- these surveys are not paid -- their purpose is to determine your appropriateness for the study. ...more

Focus Groups are more accurate that doing a survey, coz' not only u get excellent results but ...more

What's All This Fuss About Campbell Soup's New Label Design?

On Monday, September 29, 2008,  499 stocks on the S&P 500 lost value. In one of the most historic sell-offs in the market's history -- the market tumbled 799 points -- just one stock gained value -- Campbell Soup. Pundits didn't shy away from the symbolism. Was this a sign that Americans wanted to focus on the basics after a decade of greed and excess? ...more