Oh Those Foggy Days

Oh Those Foggy Days Foggy days have been gracing us with their presence for the past 2 days now.For some folks they are a bummer.  For me however, I love them.  Foggy days seem magical to me.  A bit romantic and oh so beautiful.  Our Texas hill country is a beautiful place when the fog is here, then it lifts and Wow…..what a beautiful day.  It’s always that way and the earth just see to be cleansed....more

Beautiful Morning

I love foggy days. The picture is the view from my balcony one foggy morning.This time of year there are many such mornings.Some people don’t like fog.They think it is eerie and kind of frightening. I am thankful for the fog.It is like God puts a veil over the city for a whilehiding the hardness and harshness of it....more

NoChocoForNaBlo (or why I failed NaBloPoMo)

I started writing this blog about having writer's block 4 days ago, with only the title written. Then lost my train of thought. This morning I realized that Evernote isn't even open on my desktop! That is the first time ever that's it's not been floating in the background waiting for tidbits from my soul.I blame the missing chocolate. ...more
@Cindyhuber I'm glad you understand! xomore


Imagine the perfect evening, my love: a heavy fog covers the entire city. You cannot see clearly more than two meters ahead of you. It is dark and the fog makes everything a little more mysterious...you breathe, and the air is moist, heavy with water from the sea, the Black Sea. You can hear everyone walking the streets of the city that night, their steps build up the silence. And I walk, and the silence walks behind me and it is so dark, the figures so unclear that I cannot be sure whether I am walking alone or surrounded by people....more

Stop freaking me out kiddo!

Have you ever seen that Sherlock Holmes' film, The Hound of the Baskervilles? You know the one; where Sherlock spends his whole time chasing a herd of dogs over misty fields and moorland because they have alledgedly (even mutts are inncoent until proven guilty) mauled a few hapless victims to death (they were probably dressed provocatively anyway). ...more

My Own Christmas Newsletter: Spoiler Alert - Includes Swine Flu

December, 2009         It may be better to give than receive, but I'd rather read your newsletters and cards than try to remember the past year in enough detail to write my own. ...more

Over The Meadow And Through The Woods

In this story I am the grandmother and it’s my house that’s in the woods.  But that wasn’t where I headed for Thanksgiving.  I drove away from my northern California redwood forest, as I often do, to spend Thanksgiving in the city with my daughter and granddaughter.   ...more

Weather-watching obssession - does this make me an ol' coot?

Watching the weather is a favorite hobby of mine.  I don’t generally get my weather reports from television, but I might as well be one of those people we see in comedies, who fixate on the Weather Channel and sit there for hours, soaking up data about places they’ve never been, never intend to go, and if they did go there, they wouldn’t know anyone. Those people are portrayed as coots. (One definition of a coot:  Simple-minded.)  A weather fanatic will say to no one in particular,  ”I knew it.  I knew that system was gonna come in early.”   ...more

Half full or half empty?

Either “The sky is falling” or “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Both points of view are evenly represented among my nearest and dearest.  Most days I fall into the silver lining category, which means of course I’m destined to spend much of my time with people who are always dodging chunks of the sky. I like grey skies.  I live in Northern California in a fog belt and I am (perversely, some say) not a fan of summer.  I count the days until the season changes to autumn, which brings the chance of showers.  ...more