Surviving my Worst Mommying Weekend Ever

My daughter, Honeybun, has an unusually hard life for a five year old who has pretty much everything she could ever dream of.  She also has a really hard time listening, following directions and doing the right thing.  Her poor decision making often gets her a stern talking to or consequence of some kind which lately has resulted in her uttering her current phrase of choice: “This is the worst day ever.”...more

Stop! Do NOT Follow Directions!

Following Directions?  That is so 1950’s! We went to school in the era of workbooks and following directions.  “Do not start your work until you have read ALL the directions, children!”  “Janice, do I see you starting your work without reading EVERYTHING?” So is it any wonder I must slog through the entire 5 lb....more
The truth is you advance in your selection of *.*... for Dummies" books. Bravo Patriciamore