Baked Cajun Fries

Baked skinny fries flavored with Cajun seasoning for a spicy kick. Delicious, simple to make, and healthier than the restaurant version, these crispy fries are so very addictive. How do you like your fries?There are so many variations, and I love almost all of them. Just not the soggy ones. Because let’s be honest, soggy fries are not fries. At least, not in my eyes.A family friend came over the other night and gave us a box full of potatoes because her family had so many they couldn’t finish them all. I knew I had to do something with these potatoes before they started growing roots. And since I’ve been craving fries…...more

Fresh Garlic Toast

Garlic ToastHere is another creative idea from my husband the same night he made blackened fish fillets. He was on a roll with not only being creative but proceeding to make it that night and having it be completely satisfying to my palette.Hooray for a husband who enjoys to cook once in awhile....more

Homemade Black Beans

Most people tend to purchase canned beans out of convenience but do you realize how easy it is to make them yourself? Seriously folks, this method of purchasing canned beans needs to stop. Making your own is more flavorful, healthier and honestly too easy not to partake in--let the crock pot do all the work.This may be the shortest post of your life, all because making homemade beans are too simple, there really isn't much to say. So lets get started......more

Filipino Dish- Palabok with a Twist

 As a Filipino raised here in the USA, I am so glad that while growing up in my parents' house, our mom cooked us home-cooked meals, both American and Filipino dishes.  One of those dishes I have grown up with and instantly bring me back to the childhood days whenever I get near it is a classic Filipino dish, called "Pancit Palabok."  It is a popular recipe known to Filipinos that is delicious and usually doesn't last long after it is cooked!  It is made typically with r...more

Organic Vegetable Beef Chowlicious ~ Your Dog's Favorite New Homemade Dog Food

When the doggie dinner bell rings around our house, my dogs don’t come running…. because they are already in the kitchen, not so patiently waiting by their bowls! Half an hour before their scheduled mealtime, Bubba and Daisy start talking to me; whispering sweet, not-so-gentle reminders that the golden hour of scarfing is but a few moments away....more

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned that I made two flatbreads last week.  As promised, here is the recipe for the second flatbread, BBQ Chicken Flatbread.Ingredients:  Lavash Bread, BBQ Sauce, Onions, Chicken, Shredded Cheese....more

Shrimp Flatbread

The last time we were at a restaurant, I ordered a flatbread and thought to myself, I could make this. While grocery shopping last week I discovered Lavash Bread (pic is below) and at that point my love affair with flatbread became more intense.  Lavash Bread is the perfect base for making flatbread....more

Grilled Jerk Chicken over Chopped Salad with Mango

INGRIDIENTS for Grilled Jerk Chicken5 tbsp canola oiljuice of 1/2 lime5 Scotch bonnet peppers (or jalapeños), stemmed (seeded if you like less heat)3 garlic cloves1/4 red onion3 scallions, chopped2 sprigs thyme1 tsp groung ginger1 tbsp dark brown sugar1 tsp salt2 tbsp cider vinegar4 bone in chicken thighs...more

Homemade Corndogs

Easy-peasy yummy and easy. Who doesn't love a corn dog, I know I would eat them all the time if they were as healthy as the blueberries we grow.Anyway, this recipe developed through a long time pondering what to make for our annual movies in the park picnic. All week long I had thought and contemplated what delicious picnic to pack. It was opening night for movies in our neighborhood park this past weekend and my conclusion ended with these delicious homemade corn dogs....more