10 Satisfying Paleo Travel Snacks

It can be pretty difficult to stay healthy on the road, especially when trying to make good choices when there are a limited number of available healthy options (in the airport or on the airplane).Over the years, I have learned that once I get to a certain level of hunger, I tend to make poor food choices or get hangry....more

Organic vs. Non-Organic -- Does it Really Matter?

Have you noticed the organic section in your grocery store expanding beyond its usual borders?  In my local store, the organic foods were always crammed in small sections between the high fructose corn syrup versions.  If you blinked going down the aisle, you might have missed the section entirely.  Then the store put up shelf banners to draw attention --- “Here’s the Organic Section!”  But the Pop Chips and Skinny Pop were still squished between the Cheetos and Doritos.  Then it all changed....more

Bobbing my head for Bobbique

I've been trying to blog about situations and circumstances that interest me the most. Going out to eat and then  discussing my dishes with others is an example of something that provides great interest. I've  recently expanded that discussion online. I now blog about it....more

apple music

While I was contemplating whether a wrinkled cantaloupe was worth ninety-nine cents, my autistic six-year-old son was pressing a full-price Fuji apple to his lips. A sound that might have been “nom nom” prompted me to turn around....more

Toddler Eats

I've realized that it has been a hot minute since I addressed baby led weaning and how we are feed Mallory. In all reality, not too much has changed since that original post other than we are fresh out of breast milk. She pissed through her freezer supply of breast milk by the time she hit 13 months and hasn't looked back!  ...more

Our Family Eats Kraft Mac & Cheese - So, STFU

On Tuesday, a recall alert was issued from the makers of Kraft Mac & Cheese alerting the public that metal fragments had been found in a specific segment of boxes produced by the company. As of this morning, no harm or incidents have been reported. The company has issued a statement, made an apology and is also offering full refunds, no questions asked, to any individual who purchased said boxes in question. ...more

Warm White Bean & Shrimp Pasta w/ a Light Dijon Sauce

Who watched the Super Bowl?  Me!  I actually did!  Okay, I watched it for the commercials and half time show.  Katy Perry – bravo.  That tiger trick, I’d like to learn it.  Thanks.  And Budweiser, let me just say that you put a yellow labrador puppy in any commercial and you are bound to win the hearts of every.single. female viewer (and most men viewers too!).  ...more

Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns

Boy, do I have the brunch recipe for you.  WOW.  This one literally knocked me off my feet… (and CBH’s too!)  The perfect recipe to impress any and every guest.  ...more
Yes, please. I'm starving. I would eat a whole pan of these. Well ok, I wouldn't and I couldn't ...more

Valentine's Brunch Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Have you planned out your day?  I see Valentine’s Day as going one of three ways:...more

Creamy Tomato Soup w/ Grilled Cheese Croutons

It is COLD. Bone chilling cold. Cold enough where I just want to stay snug in my condo. If only I had a fire place I’d never leave… ...more