Homemade Instant Oatmeal

Every once and a while, a recipe comes along that changes your life for the better. This recipe has done that for my family. Because Little J is such a finicky eater, breakfast in our home has always been a hit or miss. But then this recipe fell into my lap and now things have changed. ...more

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée Offers a Double Helping of Gourmand (2014) {New Perfume}

Known for its pioneering role in imposing a taste for gustatory notes in fine fragrances, Angel by Thierry Mugler has since 1992 revisited its star perfume many times. This time, there is a return to a basic building block of the Angel universe, i.e., sugar, and the primal taste of infants for it with Angel Eau Sucrée......more

My Favorite Power Foods and Healthy Snacks

I've always been a calorie counter but lately I'm trying to pay more attention to the make up of those calories.  When I don't, I come up short in protein, calcium and fiber and too high in sugars and random carbohydrates of little to no significant nutritional value.  When you focus on a calorie max AND the composition of those calories it forces you to make different decisions about what you eat.  I started this in January.  I knew I wouldn't be exercising for at least two months after surgery and thought it would be a good habit to get into.  I do not hi...more

Photo Contest: False Food Label Claims

Step into any grocery store and you’ll see lots of products with claims like “Multi-grain,” “Healthy,” “All-natural” or “Gluten Free.”  The trouble is, many of these so-called “health foods” contain some of the worst ingredients, including excess sugar, suspect chemicals and additives banned in many other countries....more

Momofu What?

Hello Luv-lies,...more

How to Feed a Four Year Old

Being a mother is not easy. Trying to get your child to eat is a challenge I deal with almost every day. My four year old son is in that stage where he would rather play than eat. The only things he wants to eat is sugar.  He loves ice cream, marshmallows, waffles, pancakes, cookies, chocolate, peanut butter & jelly and grilled cheese. Anything else, is a battle of wills.  My child is stubborn. Very stubborn. He tests my will, which by the end of a long work day, I’m exhausted. I get frustrated and he knows it....more

Amazing Lentil Benefits, Simple Cooking Methods and Yummy Recipes

Lentils, the Mega-Nutrient, Down Home Superfood...more

It's Cookie Time!

It’s the season that makes adults and pot heads everywhere swoon – Girl Scout Cookies are here!! When my daughter did her stint in Girl Scouts I was beyond excited to have this much yumminess under my roof. It became a financial burden though as I continued to bank roll my snacking addiction – but how do you NOT rip into a box of Samoa’s when they are just on the other side of your garage door calling you at all times of the day?...more

Am I a Food Snob?

On Saturday night we went to Ali Baba Restaurant.   It's on this random street next to a liquor store.  There is a bar across the street and no other restaurant in sight.  It doesn't offer much in the way of ambiance but I love it that it's in our neighborhood.  We don't have to drive downtown and hunt or pay for parking and they serve Naan bigger then the size of my head fresh out of the oven.  The food is delicous and the portions are generous.   We had an authentic Mediterranean Halal food experience right in our backyard.  I honestly had no c...more

Super Bowl Party Food!