4 Strategies to NEVER Let Leftovers Go Bad


Blow off the Dust and Get Back to Work

:: spooky, creaky door sound effect ::Hello, Lovelies....we're baaaa-aaack!Like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.Like Chucky and Jason and Michael Myers.Like the Supremo Burrito Platter that sounded like SUCH a good idea last night but is now haunting your bowels....more

Cornbread Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce

I've never really cared for bread pudding.  I think it's because some of them have a real eggy (made up word alert) taste and I don't like or eat eggs unless they are hidden so well that I can't find or taste them. When I came across a recipe for cornbread pudding with whiskey caramel in Southern Living, I was intrigued to say the least....more

Turn up the Beets!

Rainbow Beets; growing them and eating them. Hello BlogHer world! I'm Caroline, a gardener and blogger looking for more people who enjoy garden jokes and how-tos on eating out of your own back yard, as well as attracting butterflies and pollenators. Let's not beet around the bush here, its time to talk about our roots!http://carolinegrows.com/turn-beets/...more

Sloppy Joes- Bagel Style

Sloppy Joes-Bagel StyleI must give credit to my beautiful mama. She always has the best dinner ideas when I fail to let my mind come up with...well anything. I have many days where coming up with a dinner "idea" is challenging for me. Those are also the days I love to sleep in, lay in pj's all day and watch romantic movies and not clean an item in my house. :)Anyway, my mom brought this idea to the table and we devoured it. It was so delicious and a quick last minute option....more

Baked Cajun Fries

Baked skinny fries flavored with Cajun seasoning for a spicy kick. Delicious, simple to make, and healthier than the restaurant version, these crispy fries are so very addictive. How do you like your fries?There are so many variations, and I love almost all of them. Just not the soggy ones. Because let’s be honest, soggy fries are not fries. At least, not in my eyes.A family friend came over the other night and gave us a box full of potatoes because her family had so many they couldn’t finish them all. I knew I had to do something with these potatoes before they started growing roots. And since I’ve been craving fries…...more

Fresh Garlic Toast

Garlic ToastHere is another creative idea from my husband the same night he made blackened fish fillets. He was on a roll with not only being creative but proceeding to make it that night and having it be completely satisfying to my palette.Hooray for a husband who enjoys to cook once in awhile....more

Homemade Black Beans

Most people tend to purchase canned beans out of convenience but do you realize how easy it is to make them yourself? Seriously folks, this method of purchasing canned beans needs to stop. Making your own is more flavorful, healthier and honestly too easy not to partake in--let the crock pot do all the work.This may be the shortest post of your life, all because making homemade beans are too simple, there really isn't much to say. So lets get started......more