Halloween Has a New Color — Teal

My birthday is October 26, so I have had my fair share of Halloween-themed birthday parties growing up — complete with costumes, cake, candy and an abundance of food. Add trick-or-treating a few days later, and these were the best birthdays ever. That was a time when life was fairly “simple” (just do not eat peanuts) — long before I was diagnosed with 21 other food allergies. ...more

Take A Bite

In 2015, 12-year-old Jack Yonover of Wilmette, IL, released his self-written and directed documentary entitled “That Bites!” This 46-minute film explores what it’s like to be young and living with food allergies. Jack’s primary goal was to raise awareness. He does this by interviewing kids of various ages with food allergies, parents of children with food allergies, a chef, and bakery owners....more

Life as a food allergy and asthma mom...

On being a mom… Being a mom comes with great love and adoration, immense joy, rewarding moments, sloppy kisses and hugs around the neck.. It also comes with hard days, exhaustion, great sacrifices, worry, anxiety and stress. I think worry is all part of the process. You’re given this tiny being to love and care for. Random things we take for granted become scary and dangerous like flights of stairs and large bodies of water, rocky asphalt and electrical outlets. Ice cream and grilled cheese…hamburgers with sesame seed buns and mustard…peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… ...more

So I quit breastfeeding.

So I quit breastfeeding. Yep. I did. And it sucked. It sucked so bad, it’s taken me this long to write about it. When Arlo was born, he was ravenously hungry, and surprisingly, my milk came in much faster than it did with Lark. I assume it’s because my body sort of knew what to do....more

ANA Food Allergies: Halloween Could Kill My Child

This morning I am mad. Really mad. I am mad because I am hurt....more
I am over 40 and I was diagnosed with a food borne allergy when I was 7. My tree nut allergy was ...more

A good habit that has stuck! NaBloPoMo challenge day 5

Today's challenge question.... Do you have any good habits that were hard to start but you're happy you worked to build them?My family went GMO free about a year and a half ago. Reading about what this country does to our food system makes my blood boil. For a few years, I would read about GMO's and get mad. Read and get mad, read and get mad. I was walking around mad which wasn't helping anybody, especially myself....more
I am glad you were able to stop GMO and you are right to be mad but you found a great resolutionmore

This Infographic About Anaphylaxis Can Help Save Lives

Anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction that affects the entire human body, from abdominal pain and skin hives to bronchial swelling and heart palpitations. It kills approximately 400 people a year in the United States. As many as 50 million Americans are at risk of potentially dying from a food, latex, insect or penicilin allergy each year, with about 82,000 episodes of anaphylaxis occuring annually. Fortunately, far less have to die due to prevention of anaphylaxis or swift treatment after an antigen enters the body....more


Dairy is one of the food groups that are highly debated in the Paleo world. Those who are strict Paleo don’t touch it since our caveman ancestors didn’t eat it after their infancy, during which they consumed human milk. However, I don’t believe that this should be the baseline for whether we should eat something or not, as it could still be beneficial for our health....more

The Trouble With Eczema

I've started off writing this post so many times. I was having such a hard time writing this post because it was so painful watching Odette scratch her skin till it bleed. If you know anyone with eczema you know how difficult it can be to deal with and treat. Most medical professionals have no real idea what causes eczema but a lot of new research has shown that allergies can be the main aggravator of eczema. In fact roughly 15 million people are affected by food allergies in the United States alone!...more

Goodbye Milk: I’m Giving Up Dairy and Here’s Why

I've made the decision to join the ranks of those who have decided to give up dairy due to health reason. I know it sounds strange, yet with the research that I've done, it's one of the best decisions that I could make for myself and here's why. ...more
I actually have been trying almond milk lately after it was suggested that I try it. I'm loving ...more