Are Food Allergies the New Eating Disorders? Cosmo tells all.

Yesterday, I bought my first (and quite possibly last) copy of Cosmopolitan ever. The February 2014 issue boasts a flashy pink cover, “85 ways to get your dream hair,” and a 4-step “bikini body plan." Good stuff. But what really interested me was this headline: "Are Food Allergies the New Eating Disorders?" I’d heard about the article the night before, and I opened to page 182 ready to hate it. I wasn’t totally disappointed. ...more
momsgottamove  I'm sorry to hear about your daughter; it's so frustrating not to be able to eat ...more

What Your Waiter/Waitress Really Thinks About Your Food Allergies

I had the chance over this Thanksgiving holiday to discuss with a family member (who is a waiter at a very trendy and upscale restaurant) what he really thinks about those of us who have food allergies. He saw me bringing in containers of food that contained my gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nightshade free and shellfish free Thanksgiving dinner. I explained to him that I had prepared my very own feast the day before knowing that there would probably not be anything I could eat at my mother-in-law's house due to my insane amount of food allergies....more
foodallergyextra Saltless in Seattle I hear you, you've got a lot to manage with your  various ...more

~Thanks for Making Me Feel Like Sh*T...a teeny tiny rant~

**This is a teeny tiny rant about something I have been experiencing and it just happened again this morning. It's not good for me to keep "the hurt" inside so I am writing about it. I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors...sometimes spell check has to take a back seat to my mental health.** ...more
Been there, doing it daily - minus the restaurant part. Go read this. You'll be glad you did. ...more

Our daughter is severely allergic to nuts, yet we allow them in our home. Here's why.

8 months ago I started my blog Feed Me Dearly with the intention of covering a food-related topic that hits close to home. As many of you know, in this country, and around the world, we’re facing an epidemic; a serious, and growing public health concern. Food allergies are on the rise, touching millions of families worldwide.A few facts to consider:...more

Thanksgiving and The Spiral Ham of Death (a GLUTEN FREE adventure)!

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BEWARE of the Steaming Wands of Cross Contamination at STARBUCKS!!!

I have a severe dairy allergy. One of my friends works at starbucks and there is also dairy in ...more

Celiac and Gluten-Sensitivities, Myth or Gut-Wrenching Reality?

  Thank you so much, GlutenDude for this chart....more

Halloween Can be a Nightmare for Kids with Health Concerns

So Halloween -- best night of the year for some kids since they're given carte blanche to collect as much sugar as humanly possible.  But for other kids, Halloween is a total nightmare. ...more
this year we have 2 different containers of candies to offer, one is completely nut free and ...more

Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

 Imagine this scene:Little kid sweet voice, expectant, happy: Trick or treat!Evil mother of kid: Sorry you can't have that buddy, or that, or... well, maybe at the next house! ...more