Halloween Can be a Nightmare for Kids with Health Concerns

So Halloween -- best night of the year for some kids since they're given carte blanche to collect as much sugar as humanly possible.  But for other kids, Halloween is a total nightmare. ...more
this year we have 2 different containers of candies to offer, one is completely nut free and ...more

Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

 Imagine this scene:Little kid sweet voice, expectant, happy: Trick or treat!Evil mother of kid: Sorry you can't have that buddy, or that, or... well, maybe at the next house! ...more

My Seventeen Year Stomach Ache and The Search For Answers


What It's Like to Be an OIT Mom

  I’m not hostile, confrontational, and certainly not intolerant – particularly of  ”Allergy Moms”.  NO ONE understands that existence better than I....more

Dining Out with Food Allergies


It may not be ADHD. It may be Red Dye 40.

Yes, I'm on my high horse again about food dye. Can't say enough bad things about it (which doesn't mean I can always avoid it). My kids hate that I make them read the ingredients on fruit snacks to look for food dye, but I know that I'll reap the consequences if I let them eat anything with unnatural food coloring.I ran across this article about a mom who thought her son had ADHD, until she eliminated Red Dye 40 from his diet. Her son sounds just like my daughter in terms of getting hyper and snide and even a bit aggressive after eating something with the dye....more

Suffering From Food Allergies? An Interview You Cannot Miss

It seems these days if we are not suffering from our own food allergies, then we most certainly know someone who is.  For many reasons, most unknown, food allergies have become a health issue that has permeated the lives of adults as well as children.  The challenge becomes how to eat safely in a way that is both nutritious and delicious....more

Open Letter to the Mom Who Said Parents Should Relax About Kids' Food Allergies

If you were on Facebook or Twitter or online at all last week you no doubt had the pleasure of reading the Mean Girls-style sorority rant that was making the rounds. What you might have missed, however, was the food allergy-fueled mommy version. Image: Courtesy of Kid Cultivation ...more