Breastfeeding a Baby With Food Allergies

I saw this question on the CNN website. The pediatrician who answered did a great job going over all the different issues.  Here’s a link for the question and answer:...more

Shopping in the Wake of the Gluten-Free vs. Dairy-Free Hostilities

Apparently, while I wasn't paying attention, there was a skirmish between the gluten-free people and the dairy-free people, which the gluten-free people won. My youngest child, Mikalh, who is one quarter Native American, is lactose intolerant. ...more
Maybe you've already heard of this, but Road's End is a company that makes dairy-free mac 'n ...more

Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet

What the heck is gluten you ask? Gluten is the sticky, elastic protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Commercial oats also contain gluten due to cross contamination in processing.What to look out for?...more
Thanks for this check list. @April Peveteaux this is right up your alley!more

Food allergy police

Every Friday in the Man-cub's class, the preschoolers have a cooking activity. I think this is great because I believe cooking is a life skill everyone should learn.But.It's also just another reminder of how the Man-cub is different from the other kids because his food allergies keep him from eating what everyone else is eating....more
I hear you. My kids both have allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, fresh mangoes, and ...more

Encounters of the Mean Mom Kind

It’s a harsh reality. Just like wrinkles, chocolate, and tantrums, eventually encountering a Mean Mom is unavoidable. (Author’s Note: If your child has never had a tantrum or you believe your child will never have a tantrum, please click away from this page now. I don’t want to scare you with stories of broken chandeliers and straight jackets.) And after the Mean Mom encounter, you will probably wish yours had been an encounter of the “third kind” where an evil, green alien tried to eat you rather than an encounter with the woman whom you now have to see at preschool EVERY week....more

Food Allergies in Kids

I recently was on ABC in San Francisco talking about Food Allergies in  kids....more

Friends and food: To give or not to give

I have a lovely friend who's just a few centimeters away from having her first baby. She recently posted on her blog a great list of ways to assist a friend upon the arrival of her newborn, a list she was given by an equally lovely friend of ours. Many of the ideas include ways to help out by providing food, lasagna naturally being one of the suggestions. ...more

Excellent points all, Ashack. The asking truly *is* the extra special touch. I love to bake and ...more

New PEANUT ALLERGY TREATMENT WORKS! My peanut allergic son is eating 24 peanuts a day- part of his treatment.

My son's deadly Peanut Allergy is being successfully treated. This is an update on the treatment progress for my peanut allergic son. ...more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/6

Happy Wednesday everyone! ...more

Good News: My Kids Aren't Actually Killing Me. It Just Feels Like They Are!

Annual check up and the news is good - I've got a resting heart rate of 51 bpm and the lung capacity of a teenager. It's official: my kids are not actually killing me. It just feels like they are! Worry lines aside, maybe motherhood is good for my health, forcing me to put all that yogic pranayama breathing to work. When things get crazy (ha! as if they're ever not crazy!), if I remember to unclench my jaw and take a deep breath, my heart slows down. All the oxygen to the brain helps me form words - like "Pants! On! Now!" - despite the shrieking I'm hearing in my own head....more