Precise Dose for Peanut Allergy Treatment- Oral Immunotherapy

My son Alexander is being treated for his Peanut allergy at Dallas Allergy Immunology.  It is a new and revolutionary treatment called Oral Immunotherapy. Only a few places in the U.S. offer a full treatment program. Clinical trials or studies are also being conducted in the U.S and the U.K. ...more

Zantac- A possible cause for the food allergies?!

I have spent many hours scouring through articles, message boards, anything on the internet to try to make sense of all of James' allergies....more


Treatment for Peanut Allergy- Process explained further. In this post I'd like to explain in more detail the treatment process for the beginning weeks of the program....more


 Posted December 2, 2010 at revolutionary new treatment is available for people allergic to Peanuts, Milk, Eggs and Wheat. The treatment is called Oral Immunotherapy (OIT).  ...more

Puke, And Other Catastrophes

Yay, Christmas is coming!.... right?.... anyone?I am not feeling the cheer, here.  After a weekend of Shelton puking and pooping and clinging and whining, and another morning of the same (less the puking and pooping, thank God).  After an afternoon of Danica puking and emulating Sybil to the best of her considerable ability (she'll be a star, my girl!).  I am not. feeling. the cheer.So, why were my children so sick, you ask?...more

I Can't Eat That!

Five Simple Rules for Diners with Allergies  A professional commercial kitchen during meal service can be a truly awesome place. Everything in it's place, all prep done, everybody working 'in sync', orders flowing smoothly, and best of all, no stress. But then there are the nights when it seems like the Gods of Cooking are determined to punish you. It can leave even the best Chef a screaming mess of stressed-out misery....more

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Here in Australia, unless you're dining at the more ...more

The Great Pumpkin Will Rise!

Being Halloween week, I'm in freak out mode dealing with the Mouse's severe food allergies.  Most cannot relate, and believe me, I realize it could be worse, but man it sucks.  I'm dodging literal egg and peanut bullets around every corner and having to explain to my three young kids that they cannot have that piece of candy gripped in their tiny, little hands.  You can imagine, it doesn't go so well. ...more

How could we not?! more

Artificial intelligence

I have a love/hate relationship with food. But it's probably not the kind that you think.After a seven-month ride through the system of local school testing, occupational therapy, this kind of doctor and that kind of doctor and yet another doctor's opinion, it comes down to this:...more

Food-Allergic Kids More Likely to Be Bullied (Maybe)

The food allergy world is abuzz this week with the results of a new study on the prevalence of bullying when it comes to our kids with food allergies; the numbers are sobering. ...more

We are living the life of a food allergic child.

Our 12yo son is has anaphylactic allergies ...more

Anaphylactic Shock

I cannot get the image out of my head. The image of your tiny, frail body lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by wires and beeping machines and giant scratchy blankets under the grey-green glow of the fluorescent ceiling light....more