Don't read this if you are hungry...

Last week at the BlogHer 10 conference in NYC, 2,400 bloggers/attendees gathered to discuss all things blogging and, of course, to have fun. I was delighted to meet blogger and artist Carol Gillott who creates the lovely blog Paris Breakfasts....more

Whoopie Cakes Make a Comeback

Cupcake fans cover your eyes. The most delicious photo of the beloved Whoopie Cake is featured in the NY Times Dining & Wine section. ...more

How Cupcakes Define Us

When asked to choose between cake and a cupcake, for me the little cupcake always wins. Why? ...more

Digital Kid Syndrome: Are Your Kids Couch Potatoes?

I dream about a world--or maybe just a weekend--without a Wii, Xbox, or iPod. My kids would talk to me and other real people in real time. Their eyes would enjoy looking at real things like books, bicycles, broccoli, and basketball courts. Their arms and legs would move with real things like the vacuum cleaner! ...more

Breakfast... yay!

I tend to think of myself as a person without routines but the fact is that I have routines, I simply don't like them. I routinely get up in the morning mere moments before I need to leave, and as a result I leave without a packed lunch or having eaten breakfast. I routinely roll into the office at precisely 2 minutes AFTER 8:30, technically making me late. And there are other things, like my routine of rarely doing dishes after cooking, and staying up to watch the Late Late Show with TV's Craig Ferguson, only to be too lazy to mess with the antenna to get the picture to come in. ...more

Roasted Pumpkin Ice Cream

Roasted Sugar Pie Pumpkin Ice Cream ............ the perfect way to kick off Fall! ...more