Who Drives the Shopping Cart?

In what’s definitely a step in the right direction, president Barack Obama on December 13 signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, making subsidized school meals available to more children and setting new nutritional standards. But the new law does nothing to change the fact that highly processed foods devoid of nutritional value have become the cornerstones of the American diet. Nor does it teach our children how to take a stake in their own nutrition. That’s a job for us parents, one far too many of us are hesitant to take on. ...more

How to Make Perfectly Shaped Cookies

I love baking cookies, but until recently I've never been fond of baking cut-out cookies. I've always found them to be too much effort, the results too uneven, the taste too bland. For lazy bakers like me, bar cookies like lemon squares or heath toffee bars are the only way to go: just dump your whole bowl of batter into a pan and cut into squares! ...more
Your cookies look great! I have dozens of cookies to bake this week, so I will be picking up ...more

Childhood Obesity: Sending Our Kids to an Early Grave

The United States is one of the most obese countries in the world. This became very clear to me once I lived outside of the country. When I first arrived in South Africa I was on the plump side -- not obese, but certainly overweight. As an ex-pat, my way of eating changed tremendously. I still enjoyed great food, but in much smaller portions, and I began to visit the gym regularly. The change in my body was obvious. After several months of living in South Africa, my friends began to ask me the "secret" to my weight loss. There was no real secret; I started eating healthy foods, prepared mostly at home, and exercising. ...more

As the mother of an overweight child, I admit that I have a particular sensitivity ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Tea of Tea & Cookies

I wish I had read Tea of Tea and Cookies on those lonely Valentine's Days as an unattached single, when the only way to survive this reputed holiday was to ignore it and insist that even if I had had a paramour that it wouldn't have made a difference--it was just another day in February. I would have seen that I had been missing the point. If, as Tea suggests, Valentine's Day is really about celebrating love in its most universal sense, then I was never really excluded from it....more

Again and again I am impressed with the writing in her blog entries.  Great choice to ...more

Let's Move: Michelle Obama Issues a Challenge to Reverse Childhood Obesity

For the first time in history, the United States is raising a generation of children expected to live shorter lives than their parents. More and more children are fighting diseases, like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, that used to only show up in adults. As a country, we're spending $14 billion per year in direct costs for health care for obese children. ...more

I applaud the First Lady's initiative, but I think that without "food reform", it's not ...more

My Life's Purpose and Maple Syrup Fingers

I started reading Live Your Life’s Purpose: a Guidebook for Creating and Living Your Life’s Purpose by Dorothy Ratusny today.  Actually, I tried to start reading it two days ago but got only two sentences in.  This morning while DH was making “Holiday Monday French Toast” (family tradition and very appropriate for Ontario, Canada...more

Back to School Meets Back to Breakfast

It's not that we don't eat breakfast over the summer, it's just that breakfast is a much more casual affair when we don't need the kids out the door at o'dark thirty every morning. It means that over summer vacation, the kids can make their own breakfasts, whenever they get hungry. And they can eat... well, not whatever they feel like having, but pretty much anything reasonable. I wave my hand and go back to my computer, and then around noon I fix them a reasonable lunch and call it good. This means my son eats cereal by the handful out the box, and my daughter sometimes eats nothing more than an apple. But it's summer, and that's okay. ...more