High Heel Cupcakes

What little girl or big girl doesn't love wearing high heels?  Now you can create your own - not to wear, but to devour.  Check out these High Heel Cupcakes! Have as much fun making them with your daughter or friends as we did.  A fun idea as well to create for a little girls party.(Sorry can't figure out how to post the photo)http://www.vickibensinger.com/2014/04/high-heel-cupcakes.html...more

FOOD Meets ART in Venezia & Bologna: AROMA CUCINA

FOOD Meets ART in Venezia & Bologna: AROMA CUCINAhttp://bit.ly/13iyr6vWe are proud citizens of the magic and diversity that make up the Italian universe.  Our 1st stop Venice where the Biennale is in full swing ready to stir your creative juices with a feast for the senses.  Then onto Bologna for a gourmand’s delight.  And, we get to share it all with friends along the way.  Not too shabby! ...more

Inspiring with Food

We all go through phases with our children's diets. (Heck, I go through phases in my own diet as my tastes change throughout the month. So what can I expect?) But kids are notorious for being "picky," "difficult" and "plain." And truth be told, my kids have thus far been truly amazing little eaters. My first has very openly tasted foods most of her life, leaning towards a less-interested stage when she hit four years of age, but nonetheless, discovering for herself what she truly enjoys and absolutely detests. ...more

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