Considerate food donations for food banks

'Tis the season for food bank donations. In reality, people are hungry and in need all year long. Here is a guide I hope you will find helpful when it comes time for you to make grocery purchases for the needy.  ...more

Hunger Doesn't Take a Holiday

Hunger arrived on my doorstep the other day. At first, I didn't recognize it. Instead, what I saw was a common occurrence around here: A posse of lanky teen boys piling into my house. There were sneakers resembling longboards to kick off and backpacks as heavy as several bricks to off load. And there were snacks—or afternoon tea as we like to say around here, in a nod to the homeland—to be wolfed down....more
Thats an excellent point. Im my community in the summer all the schools and a few other places ...more

Bringing Thought to Food

Food feeds us more than beyond substance in our bellies.  Food helps with energy, learning, and supports recuperation when we are sick. Each year, eating healthy grows increasingly more important as we continue to educate ourselves on what we put into our bodies....more

Poverty - A Reporter's Tale

It was February in Connecticut.  The bitter winds blew over the snow, frozen into icy lumps so that even the force of the gales could not lift it.  Walking over it, my warm boots didn't even make a crunch.  My fingers were frozen; I was holding a microphone.  My lips were chapping and my eyes watering; I had to leave my face uncovered so that I could interview the various people who came my way.They were lined up in tattered coats, wearing dirty threadbare turtlenecks three sizes too big.  Many pushed strollers ahead of them, little heads sticking out f...more

The Hunger Challenge is underway

This morning, nearly 34 million people in the United States faced more than the usual Monday challenge: Their week includes figuring out how to feed themselves on a food stamp budget. Thanks to economic stimulus money, that budget is higher this year than last: $28 per week, per person, rather than $21. That extra $7 makes a tremendous difference, although doing a week’s worth of shopping is tough to do even at the higher level. Last year, Gayle Keck of the San Francisco Food Bank dreamed up The Hunger Challenge. This event gave bloggers the opportunity to try living on a food stamp budget--just $21 for the week in 2008. Six of us participated, and shared our struggles on our blogs. It was a stressful, difficult week, and left me more committed than ever to do whatever I can to help feed the hungry and to increase access to fresh, affordable food for those who live in underserved areas. ...more

From now until November 4th, HLIC New York ( is hosting a “Dine In” event ...more

The Hunger Challenge: Hunger and food stamp facts you should know!

In just a few days I am taking on the hunger challenge in support of eliminating hunger here in the USA...or at least help to draw attention to the issue of hunger in t ...more

Urban fruit gleaning - harvesting homegrown produce for free

I've always been a fan of free stuff, especially when that "stuff" equals healthy food for my family. Although we aren't struggling to put food on the table, I can still appreciate using food that would otherwise go to waste. It wasn't until recently that I learned there is a phrase for collecting and using other people's fruits and vegetables - it's called urban fruit (or vegetable) gleaning. ...more

This is a little off topic but similar. There is a group called Hillside Produce Cooperative. ...more

Are You More Interested In Michelle Obama's Fashion or Her Works?

What's more important -- whether FLOTUS Michelle Obama spends time with Congressional wives at a food bank to help feed the homeless or that she decided to break out her designer sneaks for the occasion? ...more

.. I just wish that wasn't the focus of the media coverage. Maybe if the media spent less time ...more

Donating leftover conference food - Chicago & a "How-To"

There are three food venues for the BlogHer gatherings in Chicago, and all three have agreed to donate any leftovers that we have from meal or snack functions. The bulk of our donated leftovers will go to The Pacific Gardens Rescue Mission, a well-respected charity that feeds over 2,400 people a day and runs two shelters in town -- one for men and one for women and children. Pacific Gardens has been feeding, clothing and housing the poor since the late 1800's. ...more

It's ALWAYS worth asking when you want to donate leftovers...there are numerous elements ...more