7 Website Color Schemes For Food Blogs

When designing a food blog, the color scheme becomes an important facet.  It has to evoke warmth, satisfaction and happiness - the emotions that a good kitchen stands for.  Here are 7 color schemes that any designer could use as a reference for a food blog. ...more

Baked Pork Chops

Now some of us think that pork chops should always be fried in the pan with flour and vegetable oil, but that's not always the case. I just discovered that pork chops are best when its either baked or cooked over the grill, well I like it both. Now I must confess I had fried pork chops and it was still very good. If you never had baked pork chops before, I encourage you to give it try.  You'll may never go back to just frying in the pan again....more

How to Pickle for Probiotics

Crunch into a tart, juicy pickle. Pickling vegetables throughout the summer is one of the best ways to capture the season’s produce. But perhaps that approach is all wrong....more

How to Write a Delicious Food Blog Post

So, you have started your food blog. Now comes the hard part: providing good content. But don't worry, this is also one of the fun parts of blogging. How do you write good content though? I'm glad you asked, I'm here to take you through the steps! ...more
thegomamas You have great recipes on your site, but on first glance it seems that there are more ...more

Food blogging tips: how to start a blog

This is a post from the Food blogging tips series.So, you want to start a blog. Since my experience is mostly in food blogging, this post series is focusing exactly on that....more

Gluten-Free Maytag Blue Mac & Cheese with Snipped Chives

The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl for the second time in two years! I'm so excited, I can barely hold onto my whisk. The Mac & Cheesehawk is back!...more

The BEST Recipe Card Plugin for Food Bloggers

As of this month, I have been blogging for two years. One year ago, I began self-hosting. There were a lot of things I took into consideration when I made that decision, but the one thing that pushed me over? Recipe card plugins.It’s amazing how one little thing that completely change the look and feel of your blog. I started out using Ziplist Recipe Clipper, which was…fine. It got the job done. But if you don’t have a very intimate knowledge of CSS, you can’t customize it. ...more

Five Yummy Things You MUST Try in Charleston This Fall

My hubby & I, who are self-proclaimed foodies, visited Charleston for the first time this summer and ate our way through the Holy City. Seriously... We didn't even get to try every restaurant on our list (not even half!) But of the places we sampled, here are five yummies you MUST try this fall!...more

lemon & blackberry goat cheese tart

i do not remember every birthday but i remember a few.1992. aged six. i wore a black and white checked jumper and leaned back in my chair at my grandmother's house in des moines, iowa. the house was surrounded by woods, dark and heavy as a thicket. i remember white cake. candles....more

Getting The Best out of Cooking & Blogging

I was always keen on cooking. On learning new recipes, and of trying out different types of cuisine.  After all, I had been cooking as a homemaker for some 35 years. My husband, Prem Rao, a writer himself and an avid blogger, pushed me into blogging....more