Greedy Gourmet: Profile of a UK Food Blog

Say hello to Michelle, the head cook and photographer at the food blog Greedy Gourmet. Michelle is a native of South Africa but fell in love with an Englishman and soon moved to the United Kingdom. "Ah, love!" she says. ...more

Life's Ambrosia: Profile of a Seattle Food Blog

Say hello to Deseree, a 20-something food blogger from Seattle who "cooks and eats" and relies on her talented husband to "shoot and eat" for her food blog celebrating the "food of the gods." ...more

She always has dishes that look very appealing to me!


Cookin' Canuck: Profile of a Food Blogger with Canadian Roots

Say hello to Dara Michalski, she's a Canuck (that is to say, she's a Canadian) and she's a cook. That's makes her the Cookin' Canuck. I think you'll love her food blog! ...more

Great profile of Cookin' Canuck! And, early congratulations on your first year of blogging. ...more

art and lemons: Profile of an Art and Food Blog

Say hello to Nikki Gardner, who shares recipes, photos and stories in her art and food blog called "art and lemons." ...more

I like seeing the face behind the blog a bit more.

Kalyn Denny more

The Crepes of Wrath: Profile of a New York Food Blog

Say hello to Sydney Kramer, a newlywed and a food blogger from Queens, New York. One of Sydney's recipes went viral on StumbleUpon last year, generating 167,000 pageviews! Read on for Sydney's take on how that happened, it just might surprise you! ...more

I've been impressed with this blog since I first discovered it.

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dlyn: Profile of a Food & Photo Blogger

Say hello to Donalyn, whose food, gardening, photography, family and humor provide a daily dose of delight. ...more

I am a newbie blogger inspired by many food blogs over the past 2 years.  The ...more

Dinner with Julie: Profile of a Canadian Food Blog

Say hello to Julie van Rosendaal, who's just now getting comfortable with calling herself a food writer but has several cookbooks under her belt plus gigs on CBC Radio One and the Viva television network. She's also one of just four food bloggers to complete an entire year of posting every single day, Day 1 through Day 365. Julie and her blog are fun -- get to know them both! ...more

Pamela Fuller says hello and thank you for being you and doing what you do.  I am a NewB ...more

Your Homebased Mom: Profile of a Lifestyle Food Blog

Say hello to Leigh Anne, the Portland blogger who imagines herself as a 'lifestyle coach' -- think recipes, think decorating, think fabulous parties, think parenting, think books, think, well, 'life'. That's Your Homebased Mom. ...more

Fun learning more about it.

Kalyn Denny

Spork or Foon: Profile of A Funny Food Blog

Say hello to Teanna DiMicco, a New York food blogger obsessed with food and cooking who is improving her cooking skills, "one burnt pan at a time". ...more

I check Teanna's blog often for fun stories and her amazing recipes.