10 Favorite Food Blogs You Shouldn't Miss Out On!

As a wife, I love to occasionally make dishes that make my husband think I am the best personal chef ever! No, I really don't cook that well, in fact, the only really great thing I do in the kitchen is wash dishes. However, when I AM feeling a bit creative, I like to go to some of my favorite blogs and check out their awesome, easy to follow recipes. Here is a list of my favorites:...more
vB_Mama thank you so much!more

Among Friends - Fooderati Arabia

 Friday is a sacred day in Dubai, and not just for those who pray....more

Starting a Blog

I would like to start a food, recipe and gardening blog.  Can anyone help me with some advice or ideas.  I really appreciate any help, Cherie@cookingcherie.com...more
Welcome! Check out our How Blog Series ...more

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina http://bit.ly/jarup5 Culinary star power and community power all rolled into one.  The IACP convention was a hit! Next year in NYC!...more

Making other people’s recipes

Last weekend I made other people’s recipes.  I read so many food blogs and cookbooks, and take cooking classes in which I get great recipes, that I simply decided to rely on others. I started by making a great raw bread recipe from Bitt of Raw....more

Food&Wine July,1995: The Conversation Flows: Aroma Cucina

Food&Wine July,1995: The Conversation Flows: Aroma Cucina An archeological find in the bottom of a magazine rack. Has that much changed in the food world in 16 years? You decide. http://aromacucina.typepad.com/aroma_cucina/2011/04/food-wine-july-1995-the-conversation-flows.html http://bit.ly/eEqEJ9...more

CNN and The Huffington Post to Launch Food Blogs: Will They Get It Right?

Both CNN and the Huffington Post announced this week that they are entering the Internet foodie realm. ...more

So great to see there is a surge in people's interest in food! One of my favorite hobbies is ...more

Food Bloggers at BlogHer09

Hey there, Alanna here, just back from the insanity, no make that intensity that is BlogHer the conference. Which food bloggers were there? Here's the list plus an easy summer recipe from each. BlogHer readers? I've got to tell you, this is a great group of cooks but more than that, now that I've met so many new food bloggers face-to-face, and re-acquainted myself with others I've known for a long while, a special group of human beings too. Food bloggers? Tis a pleasure, tis an honor, to know you. I'm proud to be in your company. ...more

Loved this wrap-up! I enjoyed meeting other food bloggers, and I am looking forward to a ...more

Mobile Sites and iPhone Apps for Recipe Hunters: Who Has Them? Are They Necessary?

Four weeks ago yesterday, I broke down and bought an iPhone. It was largely a defensive move, wanting to appear smart and capable when my favorite technophobe hands me his iPhone, imploring, "Make it work!" Much to my surprise, I love-love-love my new iPhone! It's the best $200 I've spent since buying a CD player that holds 400 CDs which I still love, even in the age of iTunes. But I digress. The new phone has me exploring food blogs with mobile sites, wondering who has them and wondering if they're useful, wondering if they're necessary. ...more

I seriously considered Big Oven, both as a desktop app and as an iPhone app. BUT their iPhone ...more

Vive le France! Vive le French Food Blogs!

Just ten days after Americans celebrate Independence Day, the French celebrate le quatorze juillet, the 14th of July, Bastille Day, with parades and flags and fireworks. Not many of us are jetting off to Paris or the south of France this year, but we can -- oui oui? -- we can visit vicariously, by peering into the lives of food bloggers who live in France and French food bloggers wherever they may live and then maybe -- mais oui? -- by experimenting with French cuisine in our very own kitchens. ...more
Can I, rather cheekily suggest my own blog! I am an english chef who left the UK three years ago ...more