$8-A-Dozen Eggs? An Organic Quandary

$8 for a dozen eggs? When I saw Jane Black’s post in The Atlantic I could not believe that anyone would pay that price. As I mulled it over I realized that I wasn’t even sure why these eggs were superior to normal eggs. And after re-reading the article I’m not sure they are. Or at least, I’m not sure they’re any healthier than the best organic cage-free eggs from the grocery store (under $3 a dozen at my store). The difference is that these oval wonders hail from a small local farm that is not caught up in the industrial food mill. This means, for one thing, no government subsidies, making it hard for the small environmentally-aware farmers to compete with the big guys by offering comparable prices....more
There in lies the problem... people don't see how it affects them personally - so why change?  ...more

Tips for Frugal Eating: Rising Food Prices Won't Break Your Budget

The October USDA report says that the prices of grains have risen sharply recently, and that's bad news for all of us consumer who eat food (presumably that includes you!). Because much of the meat industry uses grain as feed, this price increase will likely cause meat prices to increase along with the price of cereal and other grain-based foods. ...more

Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. It normally works great -- saves time and money. Except for the ...more

Do You Have to Be Rich to Be Skinny?

I feel like I only have two choices when it comes to buying food: be frugal and buy foods that are not the most nutritious but will feed the family for the least amount of money, or buy wholesome food and double my weekly food costs. Maybe instead of the government taxing things like soda, sugar, and such, the government could do something about bringing down the price of nutritious food so healthy choices are affordable. (Not that I'm for government involvement in all aspects of our lives, but, geez, if they have to meddle in something....)...more

Will Weight Loss Companies Turn In A Skinny Bottom Line In 2009?

Some people decide by the number on the scale. For others, it’s the recognition that their thighs are rubbing together, their boobs feel like over-cooked matzo balls, and the reluctant realization that their fat jeans are well on the way to becoming their skinny jeans. Monday December 29th, was my day of reckoning. I met three out of my four personal diet determinators,and that was it. No more pretending I could eat what I wanted without consequences. I was looking at the consequences. ...more

 What do you attribute the difference of this plan vs. the others you did - specifically why ...more