Salads are just great! You can experiment with ingredients and combinations and enjoy the flavors you prefer all in one dish. Tonight we wanted a fresh yet flavorful dish so we prepared a Potato Salad with a mix of vegetables. We used boiled potatoes cooked in water seasoned with black pepper, chilli flakes and rock salt....more

Grilled Fattoush : Meatless Monday

With the local produce starting to filtrate the markets I start to change over to my warm weather recipes. Warm weather recipes involve less using the stovetop and oven because when the Carolina heat hits the last thing a person wants to do is heat their house up more.  I like to have big salads and a lot of food made on the grill during this time of year....more

Red Been Salad

This is so pretty and healthy too.  You can make this as a side dish, salad or snack for lunch or dinner.  You can even make this with different dressings like balsamic, Italian or French. Ingredients:...more