Shapes, Dyes and Lies: Why We Want Our Food to Look Fake

As a vegetarian, I’ve been asked if I think it’s weird that certain veggie foods like burgers, sausages, and "chicken" nuggets are made to look like meat. Since we refuse meat, why eat vegetarian fare that’s made to look just like it? My reply is that no, these veggie meals don’t look like meat....more

FDA Votes Not to Mandate Warnings for Food Coloring

When it was announced that the FDA would consider adding warning labels to foods with artificial colorings, a collective roar arose from the Internet. In this corner, anti-regulatory proponents, pointing out that any link between artificial colors and behavioral impact remains tenuous; in that corner, plenty of naturalists decrying the need for neon colors in food, and a giant group swapping war stories of how insane their kids get when they eat this or that artificial dye in their snacks. ...more

As someone with food sensitivities I want better, clearer labeling on both food and alcohol ...more