Celebrate Spring with a Tasty Treat (or Three) From Harry & David

It's the first official day of Spring! Celebrate with a mouth watering treat from Harry & David. -PJ Gach...more

friends with benefits

Now listen, I don't choose my friends by what I can get out of the relationship, really I don't! But, this year my fig tree failed me (or maybe I failed it, given the drought) so when my friend called a few days ago and said her tree was giving her more figs than she could manage to harvest, and would I like some, well... you know where this is going already, right?I went over and picked the next morning and came home with more figs than I could safely eat before they went bad. In casting about for a different use for figs, I came across this... ...more

Friends and food: To give or not to give

I have a lovely friend who's just a few centimeters away from having her first baby. She recently posted on her blog a great list of ways to assist a friend upon the arrival of her newborn, a list she was given by an equally lovely friend of ours. Many of the ideas include ways to help out by providing food, lasagna naturally being one of the suggestions. ...more

Excellent points all, Ashack. The asking truly *is* the extra special touch. I love to bake and ...more

not completely for the birds...

Ah, winter in central Texas. A harsh season, where the weather-folk talk about temperatures plummeting into the 50s. OK, maybe I shouldn't get too smug. We do have our share of ice storms and the occasional pipe-bursting hard freeze. Point is, while winter here is nowhere as harsh as in many parts of the country, the birds still need a hand from time to time....more

Food Bloggers' Holiday Gift Guides Can Help You Find the Perfect Foodie Gift

Suppose your best friend is one of those food-obsessed people who love to try making things like Dukkah, Za'atar, or Ras el Hanout. You, on the other hand, are someone who thinks sea salt is highly exotic. You'd like to give your friend some type of appropriately food-themed gift, but haven't a clue about what will be appreciated by a serious foodie. Luckily for anyone with this dilemma, food bloggers are busy this time of year with holiday gift guides for just about every food-related gift you can imagine. I'm going to share some holiday gift guides I've spotted, but truly the season for writing them is just getting started. If you're a food blogger with a gift guide that doesn't get included here, or if you spot one on another blog, please share that link with us in the comments. ...more

I had also heard from Lydia (Perfect Pantry) how much she likes it. That does it, I'm getting ...more

Food & Foodie Gifts: Ten Ideas & Ten Links for More Ideas

Shopping's not my thing. The last time I visited a mall was in, hmmm, I can't remember the last time I visited a mall but for sure haven't yet (it's a point of pride) crossed the threshold of the Nordstrom's that opened five miles away five years ago. And yet, when it comes to gift-giving, I love my nephew's enthusiasm. When he was five, his grandmother asked about Christmas presents, expecting a litany of gift wishes. Instead, he exclaimed, "We have so many presents to give!" And so we do. Here are a few low-key gift ideas for the food people on your holiday list, plus links to many food bloggers who have collected their own ideas for food and food people gift-giving. Happy 'shopping'! ...more

Those are some great suggestions. I can't believe I haven't seen Ratatouille yet!

I put a more

Ten Great Homemade Food Gifts, and No Cooking Required for Some!

It's that time again when you need to get your kitchen into full production line mode if you're planning to turn out loads of holiday goodies to give away. Most people know someone who loves to make elaborate holiday sweets for family, friends, and co-workers. If that sounds like you, I've got a few recipes for cookies, candy, and fruitcake that might make make you smile. ...more
Emma, thanks for letting me know that you're enjoying my blog. Hope you have fun with some of ...more