Cooking Guru: S4E2 Roasted Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH & QUINOA SALAD Sponsored by EcoLunchBoxPrep time: 30 minutes  Serves: 2 Ingredients:½  cup quinoa, rinsed well2 tsp. EVOO...more

How to Use Vanilla

Vanilla goes beyond, extract, or better yet, make your own extract!  We highly recommend using LAFAZA’s vanilla products because of their high quality, direct trade, and sustainable pure vanilla from Madagascar. You can literally taste the difference! Try these 5 different ways to use vanilla....more

Cooking Guru S3E8: Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Penne

GOAT CHEESE & SUNDRIED TOMATO PENNEServes: 4 Prep and cooking time: 40-45 minutes...more

Cooking Guru S3E6: Asian Chicken Veggie Salad

ASIAN CHICKEN VEGGIE SALADServes: 4 Prep Time: 25 minutes...more

Cooking Guru S3E5: Chai Spiced Overnight Oats

CHAI-SPICED OVERNIGHT OATS IN A JAR Serves: 2 Prep time: 15 minutes Sit time: overnightIngredients:2/3 cup organic “Old-Fashioned” rolled oats (*not instant or “quick cooking”)1/2 cup plain fat-free Vanilla Greek yogurt1/2 cup organic 2% milk 1 tsp loose leaf chai tea2 tablespoons unsweetened shredded coconut1 tablespoon warm honey1 Banana 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts...more

Cooking Guru S3E4: Double Vanilla Pots de Creme

Double Vanilla Pots de Creme (Dessert Episode)Servings: 6 Prep time: 15 minutes Bake time: 35-45 minutes Chill time: 6-8 hoursIngredients:1 ¼ cups heavy whipping cream⅓ cup non-fat milk¼ cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar½ tsp. Lafaza Ground Vanilla Bean Powder½ tsp. Lafaza Double Fold Vanilla Extract3 egg yolks...more

Cooking Guru S3E3: Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillet

Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillet (Dinner Episode)Serves: 2 Prep time: 15 minutes   Cook time: 8-10 minutesCajun Seasoning Mix:In a bowl or container, blend½ teaspoon sea salt½ teaspoon dried thyme½ teaspoon dried oregano½ teaspoon smoked paprika½ teaspoon fennel seeds½ teaspoon cracked black pepper¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper...more

Cooking Guru S3E2: Zucchini Panini

Zucchini Panini Recipe (Lunch Episode)Serves: 1 Prep and cooking time: 20 minutes...more

Cooking Guru: S2E7 Warm Artichoke-Parmesan Dip

Warm Artichoke-Parmesan Dip (Appetizer Episode)Serves 6-8 generouslyPrep time: 15 minutes; Cook time: 30 minutesThis crowd-pleasing, party size appetizer is a family favorite that disappears every time!...more

Cooking Guru: S2E5 Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa Porridge (Breakfast Episode)Prep time: 5 minutes; Cook time: 10-15 minutes4-6 servingsIngredients:1 cup organic quinoa (I like Trader Joe's Organic Tricolor Quinoa, but any variety works)2 cups organic Vanilla Almond Milk1/3 cup organic chopped walnuts1/3 cup dried blueberries dash of cinnamonOptional: Fresh or frozen blueberries/natural sweetener of choice...more