20 All-Time Greatest Food Inventions

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Potato Bhajee

Blog readers Barry and Sallyanne Scott scanned and sent me a vintage Jewish cookbook from Calcutta, India. The book, entitled The Jewish Cookery Book, was published by Mrs. H. Brooke and printed by East Bengal Press in Calcutta. It had been handed down to Sallyanne and Barry by Sallyanne’s father, Ezra Gubbay, a Jew from Calcutta, India. Here is an excerpt from Barry’s first email:...more
So much work went into this post! I love digging into history- especially through food.  Tori- ...more

Today's National Peanut Brittle Day!

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Awesome! - Denisemore

Apple Homage I

Anna from the London food blog Baking for Britain feels duty-bound to honour British apples as soon as they hit the shops. And this time, she draws in some pre-industrial culinary history as well. ...more

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